These Activewear Trends Are So Cute, They’ll Motivate You to Work Out At Home

I’ve always lacked motivation when it comes to working out. For example, I faked my period every other week to get out of gym class (thankfully, my PE teacher was an awkward older man who didn’t want to question that frequency). As an adult, I finally established a consistent exercise routine by going to workout classes (and have only faked my period a few times). There are exactly two reasons classes gave me the motivation to work out: 1. the chance to get out of the house (I work at home full-time), and 2. steep cancellation fees. 

You can imagine my panic when all studios and gyms started closing mid-March. What other reason is there to work out than $20 to cancel and lemon-lavender cloths!? There’s nothing that motivates me to do anything or go anywhere more than a really cute outfit, so I took the same approach. Sure we all should exercise for our health and wellbeing, but sometimes it’s just hard when a new episode of Riverdale is calling. 

Whether you’re live streaming yoga, getting after it on the treadmill, or taking your dog for a long walk, the biggest activewear trends of 2020 are so cute you’ll want to throw them on, get moving, and maybe take a selfie or two. Happy shopping (I mean working out)!


1. Matching sets

A matching set is the activewear equivalent of a crisp, ironed button-down: whenever you wear it, you just look like you have your sh*t together. A matching set of leggings and bra top in a cute print or a comfy fabric is as worthy of an #OOTD selfie as your favorite sundress or newest blouse. Plus, you’ll look damn good doing downward dog in all one color.

FP Movement

Good Karma Set

30 colors available


2. One-shoulder top

The latest trend in sports bras and workout tops mirrors one of the biggest trends in your closet: one-shoulder is officially all the rage. If you’re anywhere above an AA cup, no worries. The latest designs are built for the best support, so your beloved breasts won’t slosh around during even the toughest HIIT series (did that sentence really gross anyone else out?). 


Sports Bra

3 colors available


Seamless Sports Bra

3 colors available

Alo Yoga

Sports Bralette

3 colors available


3. Pastel leggings

The weather is warm, which means it’s time to get brighter and bolder with the colors we wear. The most stylish trainers and active fashion girls are ditching their black, gray, and neutral leggings for more blues, purples, and pinks. Leggings have never been so pretty.


Cropped Leggings

2 colors available

Girlfriend Collective

High Waist 7/8 Leggings

11 colors available

Alo Yoga

Alo-Soft Leggings

9 colors available


4. Tie-Dye

Yes, the it-trend of the season (nay, year), has officially made its way into your activewear. Dye your own shorts or sweatshirts if you’re dying for a DIY, or get a matching set to knock out two trends at once. No matter what your preference, adding some tie-dye into your workout routine will power you through a long run or an online barre class. 

Banana Republic

Fitted Tie-Dye Ribbed Tank

2 colors available and 30% off!

Electric & Rose

Tularose Bra

2 colors available and 30% off!

FP Movement

High-Rise Ankle Tie-Dye Leggings

2 colors available


5. Ribbed fabrics

If there is such a thing as a “texture of the season,” ripped fabric is officially the MVP. Staying at home for months on end and living in loungewear challenged us to investigate the comfiest, coziest fabric available, and there’s something about a slightly ribbed design that takes the cake. If you’re looking for activewear that doubles as loungewear, or even sleepwear, look no further. 


Seamless Ribbed Bra

2 colors available


Cotton Rib Leggings

4 colors available

PJ Salvage

Ribbed Lounge Hoodie

2 colors available and 50% off!


6. Bright citrus colors

Every season has an it-color, and summer 2020’s is bright, sunny, and citrusy. Think: tangerine orange, grapefruit pink, or lemon yellow. Go bold in a pair of leggings, or keep it subtle with shoes and small details. 


Swoosh Sports Bra

3 colors available


Swift Run Sneaker

5 colors available

Spiritual Gangster

High Waist Leggings

2 colors available

Eleven By Venus Williams


2 colors available, and 39% off!


7. Printed bike shorts

You already know bike shorts are cool (Kim K has been wearing them for years), but plain black bike shorts are can be worn for brunch plans or a night out now. Make your workout looks a little more fun with a printed version that’s as comfortable as it is cute. They will be your go-to for every outdoor workout throughout the entire summer.