September Empties: Honest Thoughts on The Products Our Team Finished This Month

What we loved... and what we won't purchase again.

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We’re big fans of the YouTube Beauty Community here at The Everygirl. We’re constantly talking about our favorite creators, their best looks, and buying pretty much everything they recommend. The YouTube beauty world is honestly what we have to thank for some of the biggest trends in beauty—we’d never be baking our undereyes or curling our hair with straighteners or using men’s post-shave balm as a primer if it weren’t for the beauty YouTubers who taught us how. 

Alongside the various techniques YouTube has taught us, the phenomenon of the ever-so-popular “empties video” has truly taken over our subscription feeds. Every beauty YouTuber has made an empties video (if not five), and everyone who even knows just a glimpse of beauty YouTube has seen one. The concept is simple: show everyone what’s in your trash and talk about if you loved it, if you’ll buy it again, and how long it took you to use up. 

So being the beauty-lovers we are at TEG HQ, we decided to create our own empties series. Every month, all of our editors will share a few of our own empties—from skin, hair, and makeup products to candles and vitamins and home items—and give our unfiltered review on each of the products. Some of them we’ll love and need to repurchase ASAP … and some we’ll celebrate finally finishing them up. If you’ve ever wondered what our absolute favorites (and not-so-favorites) are, this is the right place to be. It’s finally time for our trash cans to shine!


Pumpkin Powerhouse Resurfacing & Exfoliating Enzyme Mask

Fall is in full swing, and I feel it’s my duty to share that I absolutely love this $12 pumpkin face mask. I bought this last year to see if it would be a dupe for all of the other pumpkin masks on the market (and there are certainly a few). Is this a dupe? I can’t say, but I will tell you that I had a lot of fun with this mask, making it worth the just-over-$10 price point. I loved how soft and smooth my skin felt afterward, and it was the perfect mask to wear while I took a bath. If you’re looking for something fun to add to your skincare routine this fall, try this.

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Sunday Riley
C.E.O Glow Vitamin C + Turmeric Face Oil

To be fair, this isn’t even remotely close to empty, but I’m throwing it out and figured I would share as a lesson to myself and anyone reading that vitamin C goes bad and to use your products before that. I went to use this on my face a couple of weeks ago and was utterly appalled at the absolutely rancid scent coming from this tiny little container and knew it had to go. I had it for about a year, so that makes sense. As for how much I liked this, it was so-so. It did absolutely nothing for dark spots, but it definitely made me look glowy and hydrated. Had I used it more consistently, maybe I would have noticed better results, but I realized I really don’t like applying vitamin C in an oil format. Instead, I’ve fallen in love with my #1: Maelove Glow Maker

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Hydro Boost Hyaluronic Acid Gel Face Moisturizer

This is hands-down the best drugstore moisturizer there is. This is the second tub I’ve gone through, and I’m sure I’ll keep buying it. When I want something reliable that I know works for me and keeps me extra hydrated, this is what I use. It’s a gel-cream, so it feels like nothing on my face (was perfect for the summer), but it’s full of hyaluronic acid which keeps my skin plump and full of moisture. It’s a little expensive for a drugstore product, but I promise, it’s worth every penny.

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Milk Makeup
Kush Mascara

My love for this mascara
has been expressed at length, so I won’t waste your time with another love note. But I will tell you that if you want thick, long, dramatic lashes, you are missing out if you don’t try this. Everyone I’ve gotten to try it falls in love with it. I’ve gone through about four tubes since it released, and I know I’ll keep buying it. However, I am also trying to go through my other mascaras for now and want to try some drugstore and clean versions first. But there will always be a special place in my heart (and my collection) for Kush Mascara.

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Mint-Flavored Daily Drops

I've used pretty much every single CBD product that Equilibria makes—and while they each have their own special place in my routine, the mint drops take the cake. I take one full dropper each morning with my coffee and a splash of oat milk—resulting in a delicately minty drink that soothes my stress and helps me feel more focused to take on the day. I have a subscription for these, so I'm shipped a new bottle every four weeks. I never want to be without them!

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Skin Food

I am not a Skin Food stan (as I know some people are!), but there are truly few things that can tackle suuuuuper dry skin quite like this can. It's very greasy, so I pretty much only use it on the tops of my hands when I'm going to be sitting still. It's not my reach-for-it-all-the-time lotion, but it IS my reach-for-it-when-my-parched-skin-is-desperate lotion.

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Blondage Conditioner

This has been my favorite conditioner in the entire world for YEARS. I use it about once a week, and it truly makes my hair its shiniest and bounciest self. It's frowned-upon to overuse purple hair products (despite how great they are at banishing blonde brassiness)—but if I could, I'd use this every wash. Whether you're bleached and beachy or just have some sunny streaks, you will LOVE this conditioner as much as I do.

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PFB Vanish
Ultra Triple Action

Now that I’m back to my regular wax appointments, I made sure to stock up on products recommended by my esthetician that will help with any new irritation or ingrown hairs. This post-waxing roll-on serum has been my go-to for care right after wax appointments. It helps soothe any inflammation and helps treat dark spots and discoloration caused by frequent waxing. I noticed less bikini line discoloration, which was a big issue for me when I tried a new esthetician in the past. This is a must if you are prone to having skin issues from waxing.

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Freeman Beauty
Cleansing Sheet Mask

I am all in on the sheet mask craze, and Freeman Beauty has a lot of my favorite products for mud masks—and now sheet masks. I use this right before or during a breakout on my face from product build-up. After 15-20 minutes, this face mask leaves my skin clean, but moisturized as well. I love all-things charcoal in my products, as it’s been proven to work for me, and the charcoal in this 100 percent bamboo mask helps clear my pores and preps my face to absorb my overnight cream. My at-home spa nights are not complete without a good sheet mask to top it all off!

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Living Proof
Dry Volume Spray

I am my best self with a giant cloud of hair. I want my hair to have a separate zip code and precede me into every room. And there is no achieving this without my beloved Dry Volume Blast. It's basically a dry shampoo and texturizer hybrid that is perfect to add grit to freshly washed hair or revive falling day five hair. I use it last before I breeze out the door, buoyed by my locks like a hot air balloon.

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Tree Hut
Shea Sugar Scrub

In the winter, my skin is positively parched and needs a good body scrub + body oil combo to remain in fighting form and not peel off in one go like a snake shedding. I like to use my scrub basically every shower, so I needed an affordable version since I've been known to go through a full jar every two weeks. This one is effective, has a light scent that doesn't linger too long, and tops out at about $9. Win, win, win.

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Danessa Myricks Beauty
Waterproof Cushion Liner

I purchased this liner on a whim and thought for sure I'd use it once and give up. Well, that was certainly not the case since I'm out of it. I love that this liner is so vibrant and easy to work with (once you understand how the formula works). I already have this in my cart ready to repurchase this week.

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Boy Brow

I was once a Boy Brow skeptic. Could a brow product *really* be that amazing? The answer is yes. I haven't waxed, threaded, or plucked my brows in over a year. When I want my brows to look done, I add a few swipes of this, and I'm out the door. I already have a backup to my empty, and will always keep one on deck, so I'm never without it.

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The Body Wash: Eucalyptus

This body wash is truly my favorite product I’ve purchased for my skin in years! Normally, I buy (the super cheap) kind from my local pharmacy, but during this crazy summer, I treated myself to something out of the ordinary and I’m so glad I did. I love the smell and texture of this body wash so much. Every time I use it I feel like I’m at a spa. It gives me a much-needed mini break from 2020 reality. I’ve tried to use it very sparingly but as I’m now out, I’m sure I’ll be reordering it again soon.

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Nordic-C Glow Boost Essence Serum

I thought it was finally time to get on the Vitamin C serum train after hearing all about the amazing benefits, so I decided to give this one a try. I picked it based on the affordable price point and excellent reviews. Overall, I feel kind of *meh* about it. It feels nice and refreshing and smells good, but honestly I didn't notice a huge difference in my skin. I'm not going to totally rule it out because I'm not sure if I used it long enough (this small size doesn't last very long—I had it for about six weeks), but I will say that I replaced it with a different Vitamin C serum to try. Stay tuned to see if I like that one better!

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The Ordinary
Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5

I very rarely run out of and repurchase beauty products because I like to try new things so often (bad habit, I know). However, I DID just repurchase this hyaluronic acid serum. As soon as the air even begins to cool off during the fall, all of the moisture is sucked right out of my skin and I deal with extreme dryness all winter long. This product is one of the few things that really makes a difference and provides my skin with some hydration.

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Sun Bum
Curls & Waves Whipped Mousse

As a girl with unruly naturally curly hair, I’m always on the hunt for any stylizing hair product. This mousse is hands-down the best curly hair product I’ve tried this year. It keeps my curls in place all day but doesn’t leave your hair with that stiff, crunchy feeling. I will definitely be purchasing this again.

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St. Moriz
Instant Self-Tanning Mousse

I’m a girl who always feels most confident with a tan. With the cooler weather coming, I started using this tanning mousse whenever I felt like getting ready. The product is only $13 dollars and it feels like a high-end product.

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16HR Camo Concealer

I bought this product because of Tik Tok ( oh yes–I went there) and it disappointed me. When I used it under and on my eyes it was very drying. I like creamy, moisturizing concealers and this was not one of them!

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L'Oreal Paris
Telescopic Original Mascara

This mascara is my holy grail! I will repurchase this for the rest of my life. It makes my eyelashes long and never ever clumps.

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Overnight Facial Peel

Confession: I used to have skincare commitment issues. There's something about night creams, treatments, and oils that is apparently so alluring to me, I could never settle on just one. That is, until this Overnight Facial Peel found its way into my routine and became my go-to nighttime treatment. Even though it's formulated with lactic acid, glycolic acid, and vitamin A to brighten skin and exfoliate, it feels like putting on a lotion and never dries out my skin. As if that wasn't enough, it's non-toxic, vegan, and under $20, so yes, I will be purchasing again. And again and again and again.

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BYBI Beauty
Blueberry Oil Booster

I always mention this facial oil whenever I talk about my morning routine because it's as essential to my day as a cup of coffee or making my bed. Rosehip gets all the attention when it comes to face oils, but let me introduce you to blueberry seed oil, which is the only ingredient in this genius product. The cold-pressed blueberry seed oil helps defend your skin against blue light damage by absorbing blue light before it penetrates the skin. In other words, you may feel guilty for sitting at your laptop from the minute you wake up until you fall asleep for many reasons, but the damage it's doing to your skin doesn't have to be one of them. Plus, it contains powerful nutrients like beta-carotene and omega 3, 6, and 9, which have made my skin glow and helped fight inflammation. It's a little bottle but you literally only need a minuscule drop to cover your whole face so this one bottle has lasted me for six months.

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Veil Translucent Setting Powder

I bought this powder over a year ago at Beth's recommendation in an attempt to find a powder to set my super-dry face, but somehow not make it even dryer (it somehow eats makeup so even though it's dry, I like to set my face for longer-lasting makeup). This powder is truly witchcraft. It's the least drying setting powder I have ever used in my life and I don't think I will ever buy another powder again. It gives a natural finish but doesn't ever make me look dry or cakey. This is the travel size, and since you need such a small amount, it has lasted me 12+ months. I can't imagine anyone who wouldn't love this—it's a holy grail for sure.

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Living Proof
Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo

We have a bit of a dry shampoo rivalry in our office—each of us is partial to a different cult-classic one, and this is mine. I will argue anyone to the death that this is the best dry shampoo on the market, and I could recite a full dissertation on just way that is, but I'll spare you that and give you a few details. This leaves absolutely no white cast, reside, or weird film, and it's the only dry shampoo I've ever found that can salvage post-run hair. I can't count how many of these I've gone through and I always have one in my bathroom.

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