Early Risers Rejoice: This New Dating Trend Is Better Than Date Night

written by HAILEY BOUCHE
Source: @anastasia-shuraeva | Pexels
Source: @anastasia-shuraeva | Pexels

I understand that there are two types of people in this world: early risers and stay-up-all-nighters. I, for one, prefer to rise before the sun—get up and get after it, as some might say. So when I got word of the newest dating trend, you better believe that I immediately had a few ways in mind that I could get in on it. According to a survey conducted by the dating app Badoo, there has been a rise in morning dates as opposed to evening dates. In fact, they found that 51% of singles have either been on a date before 10 a.m. or are interested in going on one. So what does this mean? Date nights are out, and “dawn dating” is in.

Whether you’re a morning bird like me or you prefer staying up into the wee hours of the night, put dawn dating on your list of things to try—you never know, it might be your new favorite way to date. Ahead, we’re breaking down the oh-so-lovely benefits of dawn dating and giving you morning date ideas to try for yourself. 


What are the benefits of dawn dating?


You don’t have to sacrifice your social life

Especially when you’re first getting to know someone, you might be apprehensive about spending your sacred Saturday night on a date with them when you could have a guaranteed good time with your girlfriends. A date in the morning can have much less of an impact on your social life as you can fit it into your schedule before lunch plans or after the workout class you attend in the morning with your bestie.


You don’t have to catch a second wind after work

After a long day at work, all I want to do is sit my cute tired self on the couch; I do not want to get ready to go out and socialize. If you find it difficult to find the energy for a date—especially a first date—at the end of the day, consider Dawn Dating your saving grace. Meeting at 8 a.m. for coffee before work instead of 8 p.m. for drinks? Now that’s every busy girl’s dream.


You can learn more about someone’s habits

Meeting up with someone first thing in the morning will tell you a lot about them. Are they totally miserable before 9 a.m.? Do they get a workout in before the sun comes up? Do they show up hungover for a date on a Wednesday morning? All of these things can teach you a lot about a person’s habits that you might not have otherwise noticed if you went out at night instead, and they can help you determine if this person is someone you want to continue spending time with.


There is no expectation to drink

You should never feel obligated to drink on any occasion, but when going out for drinks is one of the most common date night ideas of all time, grabbing a glass of wine with someone can be hard to avoid—we’ve all been there! But when your date is in the morning? There is zero expectation to drink anything but maybe some coffee, orange juice, and water. Whether you’re sober, sober curious, or just not interested in drinking for whatever reason, dawn dating is a great option for you.


It’s more affordable

There’s no getting around it—life is expensive as hell right now. The typical “dinner and drinks” or “dinner and movie” date is pricier than ever thanks to inflation. Sure, there are free or cheap date ideas you can try in the evening (and ways to go all out in the morning), but in addition to all of the above great benefits, most dawn dates are going to cost significantly less than evening ones. A coffee, a walk in the park, and even a full breakfast are much easier on your wallet than a night out. 



5 dawn dating ideas to try


1. Go for a morning walk

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I consider going on a walk, as dull as it might sound, one of the best ways to connect with someone. Uninterrupted conversation on a morning walk with a coffee in hand is a relaxing way to start the day and get to know someone all at once. Bonus points if you both bring your dogs!


2. Book a workout class

If you want to meet someone in the morning but you don’t want to sacrifice your favorite workout class, don’t worry! Invite them to join you. This is a great option for those who want to date someone who prioritizes exercise (AKA someone who will run the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot with you and your family) or someone who is truly up for anything, as long as they get to spend time with you.


3. Grab a coffee

Whether you meet before work or before you run off to do all of your weekend errands, meeting at a coffee shop is a low-pressure, casual date idea that can be as quick or as long as you want it to be. Depending on how the date goes, you can chat for a little and go on your way or stay so long that you end up going to lunch together afterward. Plus, a coffee shop is a far cry from a loud, stuffy bar, and that in and of itself is a win.


4. Go to breakfast

If you’re more of an eggs and toast gal than a wine and bruschetta one, this date option is for you. What I love about a breakfast (or brunch) date is that it can be as chill or as nice as you want it to be. For example, a quirky diner that you can show up to in your workout clothes is much more relaxed than a rooftop bar with bottomless mimosas. The vibe of the date is totally up to you! 


5. Watch the sunrise

I love a romantic evening watching the sunset just as much as the next person, but there is something so significant about watching the sun come up in the morning (when you’re not stumbling home after a late night, of course). And the options are endless: go for a sunrise hike, watch the sunrise over a lake on a blanket, go to sunrise yoga—all of these are memorable dawn date ideas to try.