Post-Holiday Blues? Here’s How to Make Getting Dressed Easier When You’re Feeling Down

written by BELLA GIL
Source: @alexadagmar
Source: @alexadagmar

We’ve all been there: It’s one of those days where you’re feeling down, and no matter what you have to do that day, it feels like an impossible task. They’re the days where you can’t even think about putting on real pants or wearing something other than a hoodie. But sometimes, leaving the house is a must, which means you do have to open your closet and pick out an outfit. What do you do?

When you’re getting dressed while in a funk, the obvious strategy is to put on something that’s going to lift your spirits. It’s time to bring out the big guns, whether that’s with a bright color that you know sparks joy for you or that pair of jeans you feel ultra-confident in. It might not be easy, but if you do it right, your outfit could be the catalyst to making your day even a little bit better.

The next time you’re having one of those days, try these four easy tips so you don’t have to do the heavy-lifting yourself.

Start with one item and keep going

Wear your favorite sweater, throw on that trusty-old white tee, and build your way out through there. Once you start, the task will automatically get easier, as your brain will guide you toward the things you normally pair with that piece. If you pick up your favorite top, you’ll know which specific pants you like to wear with it, and the chain reaction will keep flowing until you end up with an outfit that you love.

Lean on comfort

If you’re going somewhere with a specific dress-code, like the office, opt for comfier pieces. If it’s already difficult enough to put on clothing, you shouldn’t be putting on things that’ll worsen your mood by making you uncomfortable all day on top of it (looking at you, heels, and bodysuits). Wear the trousers that feel like sweats, wear the flats you can walk all day in—no one is going to reprimand you for doing so. Comfort wins, every single time.

Wear yesterday’s outfit

Seriously. If it’s still clean, and not many people saw you in it, there’s no harm in reaching for the same pair of jeans and shoes and just switching up your T-shirt or sweater. It’s easier than having to wrack your brain and try to put a new formula together, and if it was good enough to wear yesterday, why not today? Leaving the house just got a whole lot easier.

Opt for color

On a day that feels grey, the last thing you want is to put grey on your body, too. Instead, it’s time to participate in dopamine dressing, or loading yourself up with bright colors to spark some joy. Not only will it help you to subconsciously feel a bit better all day, but it’ll help getting dressed become a bit more fun. Bonus tips for adding a bright lipstick on top of your outfit, too—it works every time.