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15 Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day

Mum and daughter embracing each other and looking at camera.
Mum and daughter embracing each other and looking at camera.

Mother’s Day is just around the corner! Have no fear, you didn’t miss it. There is still time to get that cute card, pretty bouquet of fresh cut flowers, and of course, prep that seemingly obligatory insta post about that rockin’ mom of yours. The Sunday lunch reservations are always filled to the max and the daily scroll of memes and cute dog videos take a day off as our moms fill every feed.

This is a day set aside to celebrate the woman that shaped you into who you are today. It is a beautiful opportunity to say “thank you” to that incredible mom of yours and all of the mom figures in your life. Mothers come in all designs and capacities throughout our lives and should be lifted up. So, here’s to our moms, our best friend’s moms, our grandmas, our amazing mentors, and even the mom friend in our friend groups. Any woman that has ever done something for you that resembles the classic arm reach across the mini van to save the passenger during a quick hault, or holds you and wipes back your tears as life throws you another punch, should be celebrated this Mother’s Day.

Of course, the classic salute to your mom on this day is always accepted — what mom doesn’t love breakfast in bed and some flowers that seem to officially welcome spring? But maybe you are tired of doing the same thing year after year. Or, you may be like me and have seen these classic plans backfire a few too many times. So, if you are ready to change things up this year and really give the mom in your life the perfect amount of love that she deserves, here are some fresh ideas — 15 fresh ideas, to be exact.


1. Host a Mother-Daughter Dinner

For your entire life, your mom has been there to cook you meals and make you feel taken care of. Give that act of kindness back to her and invite her over for a special home-cooked meal. She will love the treatment (and will probably have to force herself not to step in and help). Show off your abode and a new recipe you’ve been wanting to try or throw it back to a classic family recipe!


2. Make a Customized Photo Book

Photographs are one of the best ways to save a memory and make it accessible to come back to. Be a little sappy this year and make your mom a photo book that has pictures of you and her through the years. You will have a sweet time strolling down memory lane putting it together and she will appreciate the gift that will just keep on giving. Try sites like Shutterfly, Mixbook, or Amazon Photos for a super easy process.


3. Plan a Getaway

Sure, schedules in May are pretty snug. See if there is a weekend that you and your mom could hit the road and take a little getaway. Some of my very favorite vacations have been trips shared with my mom. Hit up a charming tourist town a few hours away for a small road trip, or finally make it to New York City or Savannah, GA. Now is the time to visit that vacation spot you two have always dreamed about. Treat yourselves for a couple of days, have endless conversations, and create memories together.


4. Take a Class Together

If you and your mom are always talking about learning a new hobby or skill, make it happen this Mother’s Day. Sign up for a class that you can take together. Search local classes that are offered — you will be surprised how many options there are! You can try painting classes that are accompanied by wine, a cooking class, or even a fun new workout class. This is the perfect opportunity to actually try that new fad that you two always text about after watching it on the Today Show. It could turn out to be the beginning of a new passion for you both, or maybe just a one time experience that will have you laughing for years. Either way, jump in!


5. Arrange a Mother-Daughter Soiree

Put together an evening dinner or a Saturday brunch for your circle of friends and your moms to get together. It’s an opportunity to not only catch up and bond even more, but is also a great chance to celebrate all of the moms in your circle that have each impacted you all in so many ways. Make reservations early at your girl group’s go-to restaurant or host it at home and let your moms feel a part of your tribe.  


6. Pamper Yourselves

Being a mom is no relaxing task. Even if your mom is living that empty nest life, she has years of relaxation to catch up on — and you do too, busy girl! Treat yourselves to a spa day — a classic mani-pedi appointment will suffice. A few hours spent with each other will be the perfect reset you both needed before heading back to your always moving lives.

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7. Surprise Her

If you and your mom don’t live in the same city, make this Mother’s Day a special one and surprise her with a spontaneous trip back home. She will love seeing you and that extra step of thoughtfulness and planning will make her feel very loved. You could probably use a mini break from your hectic life anyways.


8. Shop ‘Til You Drop

It is true that your mother is the most honest shopping buddy you could have. No matter how old you are, she’s the one that will tell you if that top isn’t really working for you or that those pink booties on clearance are to die for. Plan a day for you and your mom to hit up the mall or your favorite boutiques. Whether you are getting that summer wardrobe ready, or just window shopping, it will be a day filled with lots of gabbing and a chance for you both to live out your best Carrie Bradshaw life.


9. Bouquet of Flowers 2.0

Naturally, your mom will love a sweet bouquet of flowers this Mother’s Day. Take it to the next level and go plant shopping together. It’s the time of year that all of the local nurseries and plant shops are displaying fresh green loves. Soak up some sun and stroll through your Saturday morning farmer’s market or favorite plant nursery. It’s time to bring your dark and dreary home back to life after these long winter months.

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10. Make it a Family Day

For many moms, family is the most important thing. Take a day to simply get the whole family together and be with each other. Play your favorite board games, share a picnic in the park, or a get a meal at her favorite tea room. She will love the simplicity of just having her whole family in one room. Give her the assurance and peace that her kids are okay and still care about her.


11. Plan an Evening Out on the Town

Maybe her favorite Broadway show is touring near your hometown, or a favorite singer of both of yours is doing a concert nearby. Get dressed up, share a yummy bite to eat, see a show, and you have yourself a true GNO.


12. Give a Heartfelt Homemade Gift

Moms love homemade gifts filled with thought and care. Give her a gift you created using your talent and passion. Record a song, paint a canvas for her living room, write an article just for her, or print and frame your best photograph you have taken. You are so talented and she is so proud of you. Give her something heartfelt she will admire forever.

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13. Be Nostalgic

Is there something specific from your childhood that you and your mom used to share? Give yourselves a little throwback this year. Go to the cafe you two used to always sit in, take the bike ride you vividly remember sharing, or watch the movie you both still love to this day. I could watch You’ve Got Mail a thousand times with my mom and it would never get old.


14. Hook Her Up With a Subscription

Subscription-based gifts are always great because they keep going far past that day you are celebrating. Get your mom set up with that Netflix account she’s been mentioning, or a Fab Fit Fun subscription that she will love opening up. Save her from picking up the same magazine in the checkout lane each week and have her favorites delivered right to her door.


15. Get out the Pen and Paper

If all else fails, be sure to let your mom know just how special she is. A handwritten note shows great thought and is so very personal. Share with her how thankful you are and just how much she has helped you become the woman you are today. A text is nice, but a letter written by hand can mean so much more.