The Everygirl’s Favorite Games for Game Night

Love game night? We do too. In fact it’s our favorite night of the week. The Everygirl team came up with the best, crowd pleasing games for parties and large groups and a *suggested* level of sobriety you need to a. Win and b. Have a great time. Charades not your strong suit? Fear not, we’ve rounded up games for the actors, athletes and more; there’s something for everyone. Enjoy!

For the Strategic Thinkers…

Put your thinking cap on, these games require you to be sharp. After a few rounds of these favorites, you’ll have your own sneaky ways of winning it all.

Ticket to Ride

Source: Board Game Geek

Number of Players:
What you’ll need: Sobriety and a knack for sabotage.
Object of the game: Lay the most (and longest) train tracks across the USA.

Ticket to Ride requires a little thinking, a little strategy and some luck of the draw. Each player has a set of routes to complete before someone runs out of train pieces. You may consider snatching up tracks your opponents need.


Source: Board Game Quest

Number of Players: 
What you’ll need: A likeminded team and creative thinking. Teamwork makes the dream work.
Object of the game: Guess words, movies, people, and phrases with the use of the game board and its icons.

You can’t speak in this game, only use the board to communicate complex clues to your team members while the time ticks away. Clues range in difficulty level, but the harder the clue, the more points you earn for getting it right.

Sheriff of Nottingham

Source: Scott King

Number of Players: 
What you’ll need: A straight face and good character judgement.
Object of the game: Bring the most goods into your market.

If you’re a good liar, this game is for you. Everyone takes turns being the “Sheriff” himself to determine if the merchants of Nottingham are truthfully bringing legal goods into their markets– think chickens, bread, cheese. The object is to fill your market with the most goods but sometimes that involves smuggling contraband (and lying about it) along the way. Bargaining optional, but bound to happen.


For the Wordsmiths…

Are you a walking thesaurus? Do people always ask you what words mean? Then you’ll excel at these games.


Source: Amazon

Number of Players:
What you’ll need: Focus and a working knowledge of the alphabet.
Object of the game: Earn the most points by producing the most original answers.

Role the giant letter dice to determine the letter of each round. Each player has a list of words to come up with that start with the same letter before the time runs out. Points are awarded to double letter answers, as long as you don’t duplicate answers with someone else. You space enough on ‘Q’ words when you’re sober, so we suggest reserving this one for the beginning of the night.


Source: Board Game Geek

Number of Players: 
4 or more players divided into teams
What you’ll need: A brain that works like a thesaurus.
Object of the game: Give verbal clues to get your team to guess the right word.

Sounds simple enough, except you can’t say those first few words that come to mind when trying to describe your clue. For example, you can’t say ‘color’ when trying to get your team to guess the word ‘purple.’


Source: Very Well

Number of Players: 3-6

What you’ll need: Creative writing skills, deception and 
Object of the game: Craft clever answers (or correct answers) to various prompts. 

Come up with the definition of whacky word, explain the plot of an obscure movie title, write the biography of Joe Schmo, and fill in the blanks of weird (but apparently real) laws. Each player writes their own unique answer to the same prompt, one person reads them aloud (with the real answer in the mix) and everyone takes turns guessing which one is right.


For the Lucky Ones…

These games don’t require much thinking, just participation and maybe a little dash of luck.


Source: Sanders

Number of Players: 
What you’ll need: Six dice and this nifty score keeping app (because who trusts drunk people doing math).
Object of the game: Earn points by rolling 1s and 5s and other number groupings until one player reaches 10,000.

Another game of luck that requires little thinking is a great game for some social drinking. No skill required, seriously.

Speak Out

Source: Hasbro

Number of Players: 
What you’ll need: Some disinfectant and tissues.
Object of the game: Say difficult phrases coherently enough for your teammate to guess correctly.

So you’ve probably seen some celebrity on Ellen by now point playing Speak Out. You wear a plastic mouthpiece that makes you look ridiculous while trying to pronounce difficult phrases for others to guess. Why do you need tissues? You’ll either be drooling or laughing so hard you’ll cry.

Pie Face

Source: Walmart

Number of Players: 
What you’ll need: Whipped cream. And something to clean up the whipped cream.
Object of the game: Don’t get pie in your face.

This totally random and nonsensical game of luck resembles getting a pie to the face. Take your chances at getting pied and watch on as others take whip cream to the face. It’s all fun and games until someone gets pied. But then it’s really fun as long as it’s not you. Pull this game out whenever, as long as everyone is willing to get a little dirty.


Source: Game Board Alley

Number of Players: 
What you’ll need: A good memory.
Object of the game: Successfully complete the most challenges while remembering your assigned “curses” like speaking with accents or making certain facial expressions, and don’t slip up or forget!


For the Actors, Artists and Creatives…

These games require some creative thinking on your part whether that be storytelling, acting, sculpting or drawing get ready to take center stage.


Source: Online Toys

Number of Players: 
Minimum of 4 people to make two teams, no maximum.
What you’ll need: Creativity and teamwork.
Object of the game: Advance by working with your team to guess clues by drawing, sculpting, acting and more.

Sketch clues with your eyes closed, answer true or false questions, or hum popular songs for your team members to guess correctly. This game has a little something for everyone.


Source: Amazon

Number of Players: 
2 teams with any number of people
What you’ll need: Paper
Object of the game: Guess the clues your team member draws out.

Not an artist? That’s okay. You don’t have to be Picasso to play Pictionary, in fact, the heated debates that ensue over average artwork is actually the most entertaining part of the whole game.

Telestrations or Telestrations After Dark

Source: Amazon

Number of Players: 
8-12, depending on the version you have
What you’ll need: The ability to draw. Or not.
Object of the game: Draw words and phrases well enough for others to guess your image correctly.

Remember the game Telephone you used to play as a kid? Telestrations is just that, but instead of whispering the same (or somewhat similar) clue, you draw it! Players take turns drawing and guessing what is pictured until the sketch pads go full circle. The best part, seeing the evolution of each clue. Large leaps and twists are bound to happen when you have a bad drawer in the mix which makes it that much better.

Cards Against Humanity

Source: Cards Against Humanity

Number of Players: 
What you’ll need: A dark sense of humor.
Object of the game: Be funnier than everyone else and win the most rounds by getting your card picked.

This adult take on Apples to Apples is hilariously twisted, provocative and sexually charged. Need we go on? Keep this one tucked away for family game night but bust it out for a laugh-so-hard-you-cry night with your close friends.


      Source: Giphy

Number of Players: Any number of people split into two teams
What you’ll need: Gumption.
Object of the game: Earn the most points by getting your team members to correctly guess the clues you are acting out.

Brush up on your Charade eitiquette before jumping into your next game as in, know the meanings of important hand gestures and signals to be the best possible teammate. Not knowing that pointing to your ear means “sounds like” might just cost you the game.

Fish Bowl / Celebrity

Source: CNN

Number of Players: Any number of people divided into two teams
What you’ll need: See above for Charades, Taboo and Cranium.
Object of the game: Get your team members to guess the same clues round after round by using different methods of describing or acting them out.

This crowd favorite combines all of the best guessing games like charades and taboo. Everyone writes down two or three clues and then divides into two teams. You learn the clues over time, so the rules for each round get harder. Everyone has their own spin off, but the rounds we love are: Taboo, Charades, using someone as a puppet, and finally only using facial expressions. Team to get the most correct overall, wins.


For the Athletically Inclined…

For all you natural born athletes, you’re already at an advantage for these fun outdoor games that go great with a beer and a barbeque.

Corn Hole/ Bags

Source: School of How To

Number of Players: 2 or 4 people divided in two teams
What you’ll need: A corn hole set and a good arm.
Object of the game: Earn 21 points before the other team by getting the most bags on the board and in the hole.

Each partner takes a turn throwing bean bags onto the opposite board. Earn points by simply getting it on the board or sinking in the hole. We recommend choosing a partner with equal or greater strength unless you don’t mind be the weakest link.

Ladder Golf

Source: Kmart

Number of Players: 2 teams
What you’ll need: Good aim.
Object of the game: Earn points by getting the lassos on the rungs.

Toss the golf ball lassos and try to get one caught on the rungs of the ladder. Each rung earns you different amount of points, but keep in mind, your opponent cancel out your points, similarly to corn hole.

What are your all time favorite party games?