Single Girl Summer Is Here: 7 Ways to Make It One You’ll Want to Repeat

single girl summer"
single girl summer
Source: @isadora-tricerri | Pexels
Source: @isadora-tricerri | Pexels

Maybe it’s because the days are long and the nights run late, or because everyone looks good with a sun-kissed glow, but there’s arguably no better time of the year to be single than summer. After all, the season brings a flirty, spontaneous, and easy-going energy unlike any other. Between the nonstop activities, outings, and get-togethers, there’s no shortage of things to do to stay busy and have fun. And I don’t know about you, but I’m not trying to keep track of my sig-o’s social calendar when I have my own to make the most of.

If you find yourself embarking on a single girl summer this year, we urge you to take the following advice. From embracing your singleness to traveling, taking risks, possibly having a one-night stand (or two), and everything in between, consider your single girl summer one for the books. Ahead are seven ways to make the most of it.

1. Celebrate your single girl status

The first thing you should do to kick off the season is celebrate your status as a single girl. Relationship Writer and Host of the Seriously Single Podcast, Brianne Hogan, explained that being single can be the most powerful time in a woman’s life. It gives her a chance to get in touch with and discover new things about herself—and that’s something that should be celebrated! So, embrace your singleness by visualizing what you want life to look like this summer and planning your celebrations accordingly. Maybe this will look like taking yourself on solo dates, having a girls’ night out, throwing a party, or indulging in a summer fling without feelings.

When you’re not tied down to anyone, you can live life as you please—and that’s exciting! However you decide to celebrate, Hogan explained that figuring out what you really want will make you excited for and confident about the season ahead regardless of whether you’re newly single or taking time to focus on yourself. This summer is your time to shine!

2. Explore your sensuality

In juxtaposition to the shorter, colder days of winter, summertime’s long, sunshine-filled days and heatwaves encourage you to get out and explore. Because the season feels more vibrant, you naturally feel more vibrant as well. This is why Somatic Sex Educator and Foria’s Chief Education Officer, Kiana Reeves, says single girl summer is a great time to explore your sensuality.

Contrary to popular belief, this doesn’t just refer to sex; rather, it refers to indulging in whatever brings you pleasure. This might mean taking yourself out to dinner, having a steamy solo session in the bedroom, hitting up a club with your besties, or enjoying a nice bubble bath. No matter what sensuality looks like to you, letting yourself indulge this season will make it unforgettable and remind you that you can woo yourself anytime you please.

3. Make a summer to-do list

Summer seems to go by in the blink of an eye. This is why we usually wonder what in the world we did during the season and whether we checked off everything on our bucket list come September. However, creating a summer activity list can prevent this from happening, according to Hogan. Be sure your list is filled with both solo activities and activities you can do with your friends. (You can create separate lists for each, too!) Make sure to add in things you’ve never tried before, and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone! Here are a few things we recommend adding to your list:

  • Host a summer cocktail or mocktail party
  • Try paddle boarding or surfing
  • Go to a local festival or carnival
  • Take a yoga class
  • Go on a nature hike
  • Have a one-night stand
  • Try a new sex position
  • Take a road trip
  • Visit a new club or restaurant
  • Attend an outdoor concert
  • Buy a new sex toy
  • Play pickleball
  • Join a beach volleyball league
  • Read on the beach

4. Take sexual risks

Sexual Wellness Expert and Head of Communications at MysteryVibe Natasha Marie Narkiewicz also explained that there’s no better time to take risks than during single girl summer. Meaning that if there is someone you want to hook up with, go for it! However, she encourages you to “Make sure you feel safe and that you’re doing it because you want to, not because you feel like you should or that this is what ‘hot girl summer’ is all about.” Being single means you write the rules, and you should never feel pressured to have a one-night stand or ashamed for doing so.

single girl summer
Graphics by: Aryana Johnson

That said, Narkiewicz and Reeves agree that it’s important to discuss your expectations. This includes what you want and what you like, as well as your boundaries. Consent and safety are non-negotiable. This will make you feel more comfortable and, in turn, enhance the experience. Likewise, Reeves also encourages you to step outside your comfort zone and try something new, like different positions or sex toys, if you’re up for it. Don’t be afraid to let the moment lead you! And be sure to speak up for yourself during the act. Remember: Your pleasure matters, too.

5. Get out of town

Unlike traveling with a partner, there are no rules when you travel solo. You’re not tied to anyone else’s budget but your own, and you don’t have to coordinate about where to go and what to do (unless you’re traveling with your besties, of course). Plus, you’re also free to have a no-strings-attached vacation fling, flirt with that stranger next to you at the airport bar, and dance with whoever you want on your nights out. No matter where you go or what you do, grabbing your besties and hitting the road or whisking yourself off on a nice getaway will help you have a fun and flirty single girl summer.

6. Ground yourself with rituals and routines

Regardless of whether you’re a hardcore fall girly, beach babe, or love the winter weather, I think we can all agree that almost everyone comes alive in the summertime. Since this excitement can be dizzying, though, grounding yourself with a ritual is a must. Doing this will help ensure that you truly soak in every moment this season and don’t let summer pass you by in the blink of an eye.

Think about the things that bring you the most joy that you can easily make time for. This might be having a solid workout routine, reading every day, meditating in the morning, or performing a skincare routine before bed. No matter what it is, having a solid ritual will help you feel your best and keep you balanced during your single girl summer.

7. Make it a healing season

You don’t need to get with someone else to get over someone else, so if you’re newly single or not feeling the fun and flirty vibe of the season, use this time to truly heal through self-love. Granting yourself compassion and kindness during this time will allow you to work through your emotions and understand yourself better so you’re ready to get back out there come fall.

Make single girl summer your healing season by putting your happiness first and foremost, pampering yourself, and exploring new things. Treat yourself to a weekly girl dinner, join a beach volleyball team, go on a stunning nature hike, or do a weekly ice cream date with your girlfriends. No matter what you decide, taking this time to heal will remind you that you don’t need another person to bring you happiness—you can light your world up all by yourself.