What Your Resolution Should Be This Year Based on Your Enneagram

written by BETH GILLETTE
Source: @angelgiakas
Source: @angelgiakas

As we enter a new year, some of us love a new, clean slate of goals (@ Type Eights), while others look at them as an unwinnable chore (ahem, Fours). But no matter where you stand, there’s no denying that having something to look forward to for the new year is a great way to start it. The key to a New Year’s resolution you can keep is making sure your goal is attainable. And what better way to do that than choosing a goal that aligns with your personality already?

Your Enneagram type is a quick snapshot of you, so we’re helping you pick one goal you might not have thought of yet (or maybe it’s already top of mind!) that you can work toward this year. Scroll down to find the New Year’s resolution that best suits your Enneagram type: 


Start a meditation practice.

Ones have resolutions lists filled to the brim, but they’re likely to forget to add self-care at all. This Enneagram type could benefit from the calm and clarity of meditation, and developing a whole practice around it is the kind of routine and order Type Ones find so much joy in.

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Create a cleaning routine.

After the dumpster fire that was the last couple of years, Twos are looking to get organized to take on any new challenges that 2023 throws their way. Creating a cleaning routine you can follow daily, weekly, monthly, bi-annually, and annually will give you the flexibility to clean as you go instead of doing big clean-outs every few months (you know, like before company comes over). Plus, Twos will love putting their new routine in their planner, on the fridge, in a notebook, or anywhere they can access it.

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Develop a new meaningful connection.

Threes have an abundance of lofty goals for their career, health and fitness, mental well-being, and more, but they likely haven’t turned their attention toward relationships just yet. It can feel daunting to think about making new friends and connections, but adjusting the goal to something tangible, like meeting one new person, is something anyone can accomplish (especially a goal-getting Type Three!). 

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Take on a special project.

Fours love to get into their own little world and create; the mundane parts of a task bore them to tears. They love to get started on many new projects, even when they don’t have time for it. Make it a point to take on one really special project this year that you devote a lot of time to. You’ll feel so accomplished in the end, and all of those late nights creating something will be your epitome of joy. 

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Start investing.

Ringing in a new year for a Five is all about preparing and getting ready for the year—because we all know a Type Five likes to have all the information before they make their way into a project. This year, take your financial goals to the next level by stepping up your investing game. Whether you’re starting from scratch or already a pro and are brushing up on your financial literacy and trying something new, this task will likely involve a lot of reading—which the Rory Gilmores of the enneagram will certainly appreciate.

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Take up a new hobby.

Sixes are called “The Loyalist” for a reason: They are committed and stick to the things they love, which can make it hard for them to venture outside their comfort zone or try something new. Whether you’re still working from home or heading into an office, we could all use a little escape when the workday ends, so now is the perfect time to learn a new skill and really delve into it. In typical Six fashion, you won’t stop until you’ve mastered it.

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Read more books in different genres than usual.

Hopping into a whole new world through a book? The exact vibe of a Seven. They love anything with adventure or a thrill (even when that “thrill” comes from a solid hate-to-love romance trope). However, make a point to step out of your usual box this year and try some new genres, like nonfiction, contemporary fiction, and sci-fi. 

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Create a morning routine.

Eights are typically night owls, so mornings don’t look as blissful as they’d like. However, they need those free hours in the morning; getting straight into a day full of work is draining. Try a few different morning routines—whether they include meditation, journaling, working out, meal prepping, or reading a book in bed—and see which sticks. 

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Try a weekly social media detox.

The people-pleasing nature of a Nine means they love to scroll through their feeds and double-tap every single thing their friends and family have been up to. But after a while, this can do the opposite of making you feel joyful. In the new year, make it a point to try a weekly social media detox. You don’t have to delete every social account you love—just hide the apps one day a week or use the screen time limiter function on your phone. Our editor tried this, and it changed her entire relationship with her phone. 

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