9 Solo Date Ideas to Take Yourself on This Summer

written by EMMA GINSBERG
solo date ideas"
solo date ideas
Source: Cora Pursley | Dupe
Source: Cora Pursley | Dupe

Summer is the season to dedicate time to yourself. Whether you’re single (congratulations on making it to uncuffing season!) or just want to have some good solo time this summer, it’s easier than ever to enjoy your own company during the sunny months. This year, you can find me blasting Espresso by Sabrina Carpenter in my headphones, gallivanting around my city by myself, and exploring all sorts of farmer’s markets, ice cream shops, and more. The way I see it, this is one of the easiest times of the year to get out and about, no matter what kind of solo date ideas you fancy.

Since you probably have a stacked summer social calendar already, be sure to set aside time just for yourself. In between all the festivities, you’ll be glad to have a little one-on-one time on a nice day. Whether you’re looking to get outside, put on a cute outfit from your summer capsule wardrobe, or beat the heat, these nine solo date ideas will help you check all your summer boxes.

1. Take yourself out for ice cream

In my opinion, we don’t make a big enough deal out of going to get ice cream in the summertime. I don’t know if there’s anything better than enjoying a scoop in the sunshine or on a warm summer night. To romanticize your solo ice cream date, pick a shop you’ve never been to before and try a new flavor. This summer, you don’t need to settle for a carton of Ben & Jerry’s! You can turn your craving for a little sweet treat into an excuse to get outside, appreciate the warm weather, and explore a new spot. Bring a book or journal if you’re planning to sit at the ice cream parlor or take a walk around the neighborhood with your scoop to truly soak in that summer feeling.

2. Attend an outdoor workout class

The best part of the warmer weather is that you can finally bring your movement outside. From hot girl walks to yoga in the park, there are tons of options for fitness in the great outdoors in the summer. Sign up for an outdoor workout class near you, or check to see if your gym has offerings for classes outside. Run clubs and walking groups are also great opportunities to meet or chat with strangers in your area—if that’s what you’re looking to get out of your solo date! However, if you simply want to get moving in the nice weather, that’s totally an option too. Head to a yoga or fitness class, and then walk to grab a coffee because you deserve a little treat after getting sweaty in public.

3. Enjoy breakfast on the patio

It’s patio season, folks! If you have an outdoor space of any kind, from a patio to a rooftop to a backyard, now is the time to take advantage of it. To make an at-home patio meal into a true solo date, romanticize it as much as possible. Buy yourself some fresh flowers and ingredients to make your favorite brunch recipe. Make yourself a coffee or even go on a quick walk to grab your favorite latte and come back. Play some smooth morning jazz while you cook. Then, enjoy a slow morning in the sunshine with yourself. If you don’t have an outdoor space, don’t worry. Take yourself out for breakfast and request to sit in the sweet, sweet sunshine. This is the perfect way to slow down and take a moment to appreciate the season!

4. Check out a local fair or festival

Chances are, if you’re reading this, you’ve probably already gone on a solo farmer’s market date this season. You don’t need me to tell you that that’s a great option as far as solo date ideas go—but have you considered hitting up a local fair or festival instead? The summer brings tons of options for outdoor vintage shows, art walks, and other festivals where local vendors are selling their creations. Pick out your go-to tote bag, put on an outfit that makes you feel great, and be prepared to go invest in some fun trinkets and treats. This is the perfect way to engage with artistry in the summertime without having to go to a museum since it’s all outdoors!

solo date ideas
Source: Cora Pursley | Dupe

5. Spend a day at the pool or beach

If you don’t take at least one day this summer to go to the pool or beach and lay out solo by the water, did you even do summer?! Pick out a cute new swimsuit and pack your beach bag with a great read, a towel to lay out on, and sunnies and sunscreen (obviously). This is the kind of solo date that will totally heal your inner child as you chill by the water and soak up the sun’s rays. Whether your closest form of water is a lake, ocean, or reservoir, this is a great opportunity to be in nature, too. However, if you’re more of a poolside girl, you can totally do that, too. Be sure to pack some snacks and drinks because you’re not going to want to go back inside.

6. Go see an outdoor movie

The only thing better than sitting in a dark theater solo with a bucket of popcorn and nowhere to be is sitting outside doing the same thing. Summer is the time of the year when all of the best blockbuster movies hit the big screen. Find an outdoor movie venue near you—usually, you can find them in local parks, but there are dedicated venues in some cities! There’s also always an option to find a drive-in, as the ultimate way to romance yourself. Put on your comfy clothes and bring along your favorite snacks and drinks. You can even take yourself out to dinner (or hit up your favorite drive-thru on the way) before the show for a jam-packed evening of solo activities.

7. Go kayaking, paddle boarding, or biking

Want to show yourself some true self-love? Get moving in nature by going kayaking, paddle boarding, or biking. This will allow you to do something scenic and active at the same time and fill you up with all the happy summertime endorphins. As long as you let someone know where you’re going (safety first), you can enjoy some time in nature and in the sun by trying out one of these activities. Romanticize it for yourself by grabbing lunch before or after your bike ride or session on the water. This is one of my favorite solo date ideas because it allows you to truly unplug.

8. Go to a baseball game

Is there anything that screams “girl in a romantic comedy” more than going to a baseball game by yourself in the middle of summer? Put on your home team’s jersey or cap and your favorite pair of sunnies and prepare to lounge in the sun for a few hours. You don’t even really need to watch the game—it’s more about the vibes, after all. While yes, baseball games are notoriously long, they offer the perfect opportunity to put on a cute outfit and enjoy a hot dog, which is really what summer is all about. Plus, if you’re looking to do a little no-pressure flirting, there are literally thousands of people you can meet and chat with while you’re there.

9. Sit on a patio and people watch

This is one of the most simple solo date ideas, but it’s tried and true. Head to the nearest restaurant or coffee shop with a patio near you and enjoy some good old-fashioned people-watching with a drink in hand. You can bring a book or journal if you want, but trust me, the crowds will provide enough entertainment to keep you busy. Give yourself a checklist of things to spot (guy not wearing a shirt? Check. Kid with an ice cream cone? Check. Cutest dog you’ve ever seen? Check). In the colder months, all of these people will be cooped up inside and patio season will be no more, so now is the time to take advantage of the great weather. If you get peckish, order a snack (french fries, please!) for the ultimate summer treat.