7 Non-Cheesy Valentine’s Day Nail Colors To Try That Aren’t Pink

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Although I’m partial to a funky manicure every now and then, my nail vibe is typically pretty simple but with a twist. Check on me if I happen to show up with the same manicure twice in the same year. There is no color so good that I’ll willingly look at it on my hands for longer than my usual two weeks. When it comes to my beloved Valentine’s Day nails, finding a color I haven’t worn before is a challenge—but not impossible. 

If you find yourself wearing pink every single year and wanting to change it up, same. Below, we’ve compiled a handful of fun, out-of-the-box ideas to take your Valentine’s Day nails from “like” to “love.” 


1. Lilac

Any shade of purple will be unexpected but appropriate, but we’re loving a light lilac. It feels like a launch into spring after this cold tundra of a winter we’ve had.


2. Light Yellow

I often think of Valentine’s Day nails as the first step into spring. It’s like the combination of holiday red and bright spring pink we needed to get through the last month of winter. This creamy, light yellow feels very spring, but it doesn’t go too off-base on the Valentine’s theme. 


3. Red French

You can’t go wrong with a little red, especially if your V-Day vibe is sexy AF. Already do a bright red set of nails during the holidays? This time, try it as a French. The negative space feels bright and trendy, while the red keeps it hot and on theme.


4. Metallic Pink

You can’t go wrong with a pink mani, of course, but you can always find a way to spice it up a bit. Metallic is one of the biggest trends in both beauty and fashion this year, and it’s no surprise it has made its way to nails too. 


5. Heart Stickers 

This is just about the easiest thing you can do, but the impact is major. When done with a neutral shade, the result is less cheese, more cute. We love this in white, but I’ve also seen it on IG in a deep brown shade—gorgeous


6. Raspberry

Just like the chocolate-covered raspberries you’ll buy yourself (or the wine you’ll drink), these scream Valentine’s Day in a less obvious way. Go a little lighter for a fuschia tone or a little deeper for a red wine shade.


7. Rainbow

Valentine’s Day is one of the happiest holidays out there. It literally is a holiday for giving people chocolate, candy, and flowers to tell them you love them—is there anything better? Show your love for this happy season with a full Skittles manicure of all the colors of the rainbow (or at least just your faves).


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