10 International Movies on Netflix to Binge This Weekend

I’m not going to lie, every February for the last couple of years I have spent every waking free minute binging the Oscar best picture contenders. I’ve spent every snowy Saturday morning I can remember in front of my laptop, coffee in hand, watching movie after movie after movie. But now that the gold statues have been given out and the red carpet has been rolled up, I need something else to fuel my obsession with the magic of visual storytelling. Lucky for movie enthusiasts like me, the world of cinema extends way beyond Hollywood.

One of my most frequented Netflix genres is the ‘International’ section. Underrated and under-appreciated, this genre can provide entertainment for hours. I think the coolest thing about watching a foreign film is catching a glimpse of the culture while still understanding that human nature is pretty much the same no matter where you are in the world… love, jealousy, fear, and happiness drive us no matter what language you speak. So microwave some popcorn and text your favorite binge buddy, because I’ve rounded up my favorite foreign movies on Netflix you have to stream ASAP.


1. Yves Saint Laurent – French

I’m a huge history buff, and this movie combines my love for fashion and the French. Follow YSL as he chronicles through the ups and downs of the beginning of his career. Heartfelt, intimate, and fearless, this movie is the perfect representation of what he wanted his brand to be about.



2. Don’t Blame The Kid – Spanish

Karla Souza, who now stars in everyone’s favorite Thursday night obsession, How To Get Away With Murder, stars in this funny rom-com that is so girls-night-worthy. (Also can someone get Karla’s hairstylist on the phone? Does she even have a bad hair day?)



3. The Wedding Party – Nigerian

This colorful Nigerian movie is the epitome of a good wedding shenanigans movie. It has the same vibes as my all-time favorites: Bride Wars, Bridesmaids, and 27 Dresses — except it’s like 400 times better. Pair this movie with margs and watch it with your mom. You won’t regret it.



4. PINK – Indian

This movie isn’t like your normal Bollywood blockbuster. A sexual assault legal case is played out in detail and this film asks all the hard questions. In the world we live in today, this movie is a must watch. Seriously.



5. Tuscan Wedding – Dutch

Continuing with the theme of wedding movies, this Dutch rom-com is all about a couple who owns a Tuscan wedding venue. This movie literally melts my heart every time I watch it. Plus, it gives you the WORST case of wanderlust!



6. Adore – Australian

I’m not going to lie, the plot of this movie is a little strange. But like any love story, it’s one that deserves a watch (At least for the beautiful beach shots and sunny shots of surfer boys!).



7. The Beauty Inside – Korean

Be still, my heart! This adorable Korean movie is about a man that wakes up in a different body everyday, and the only thing that is constant in his life is his love for his girl. I know Valentine’s Day is over, but this movie is consistently replaying in my apartment.



8.  Marguerite – French

You know those mornings when you get up early and just need to snuggle with your pup and a stack of pancakes and watch something touching? Marguerite’s story is perfect for days like that. It also won a lot of European film awards for Costume Design, so look out for iconic Roaring Twenties looks.



9.  Aquarius – Brazilian

This movie takes you into the nitty-gritty of foreign independent movies. A story about losing and finding home is beautifully portrayed by Brazilian powerhouse Sonia Braga.



10. Easy Virtue – British

Have you ever watched a Colin Firth movie you didn’t like? Yeah, me neither. Fun fact: this movie is actually a remake of a 1928 Hitchcock classic.


Did we miss your favorite? What is your favorite foreign Netflix movie that we have to queue next?!