13 Reasons You Should Watch Broad City

Broad City is possibly my favorite show on television right now. It’s sharp as hell, speaks a lot of truth, and regularly makes me laugh so loudly my neighbors are actually worried about me. And because I like sharing, and because season three just ended, I decided to whip up a list of reasons you should be watching this show (if you aren’t already addicted like I am). Naturally, my list will be extremely biased because I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it. But they’re still really good reasons, OK? Shh, trust me.

Behold: 13 reasons you should watch Broad City, in no particular order.

1. Laughter is the best medicine and life is weird and hard and we all need regular relief—Broad City is my antidote for you.

2. Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer are real life BFFs and who the funk doesn’t like it when life imitates art? Also when said art is about strong female friendship? Yes, please. Their comedic chemistry is undeniable and, rumor has it, if you watch this show with your best friend, both of your heads will explode.3. There’s a real sense of body positivity all around, plus all of the sex scenes have a refreshing realness to them. Really.

4. “Yass, kween” and other quotable quotes you’ll recognize—because once you start watching you’ll be able to understand what all the cool kids are saying.5. Hannibal Burress plays a dentist in love with Ilana and he is softly, subtly hysterical. (Also his character has a pasta blog called The Al Dente Dentist. I mean, yes.)

6. Speaking of blogs, another of my favorite characters, Trey (the outrageous Paul W. Downs) plays a personal trainer who runs a site called Body By Trey—this and The Al Dente Dentist are both working sites, so go ahead click, love, and laugh some more.

7. Abbi’s headboard is Oprah’s giant face. For all the ah-ha moments.

8. Are you a millennial plagued with the big question of “What am I doing with my life?” Then Ilana and Abbi’s 9-to-5 jobs and off-the-clock dreams will make you feel known and, oddly, inspired.9. I swore I wouldn’t make a cliché comment about New York City being a character in the show, but it’s more than just a backdrop. From rats in apartments to missing package deliveries to the nightmare of the DMV to the particular delights and horrors of riding the subway, their adventures and scrapes are extremely specific and thusly very, very funny.

10. You can watch almost all of it on Hulu. Thankfully.

11. Ab and ‘Lana (we’re close like that) do a lot of dating, but never to the point that it feels like finding a man/woman is their biggest priority—or the defining aspect of life. 12. So. Many. Guest. Stars: Fred Armison, Hillary Clinton, Whoopi Goldberg, Kelly Ripa, Amy Poehler, Seth Rogen. Reason enough.

13. These ladies worked really hard to get here, they created the show (it started as a web series), write every episode, are the executive producers, and continue to knock it out of the park for three seasons and counting. (Hashtag goals.)

There you have it: the 13 reasons to watch Broad City. And I purposefully left the list at 13 because it can’t be an unlucky number when it’s doing such an honorable job of sharing joy and laughter with the world.