5 Reasons Hulu Should Save “The Mindy Project”

  • Copy by: Daryl Lindsey

Fox announced its fall lineup last week, at which point the TV network revealed that it won’t be renewing The Mindy Project for another season. 

The announcement came as a shock to fans of the show (us!), who have followed relatable, hilarious Mindy through three incredible seasons of romantic blunders, professional successes, and some of the most quotable dialogue in recent television history.

Frankly, the thought of parting with The Mindy Project makes us feel a bit like this:

But all is not lost! Hulu expressed serious interest in picking up the Mindy Kaling comedy for at least two more seasons, which would transition Mindy into the trendy new world of online streaming and effectively prevent the series’ demise.

We don’t want this show to end. If anything, we want to move in next door, become best friends with Mindy (Kaling and/or Laheeri–we love both), and learn all of her secrets about being so awesome.


Here are 5 reasons why we love Mindy and hope Hulu saves The Mindy Project: 

1. Mindy can be vulnerable.

Mindy is good at her job. It’s the other stuff she sometimes struggles with. In the show’s pilot she yells “I’m Sandra Bullock!” while bicycling home from her ex’s wedding, completely drunk. But Mindy doesn’t resemble Sandra Bullock’s romantic leads, who are uptight characters in need of Hugh Grant’s lopsided grin to help turn them into cooler, more likable women. Mindy is a professional, but she is also warm and vulnerable in a way that isn’t often seen in TV heroines. She isn’t afraid to express how she feels. 


2. Mindy knows how to assert herself.

There is a time for being nice, but there’s also a time to express an opinion and get things done. Mindy knows what she wants and will say what she needs to say to make it happen. 


3. Mindy understands the woes of womanhood. 

Anyone who has ever watched The Walking Dead knows that most women on television seem to be completely immune to normal female bodily functions. Even in an apocalypse, legs and underarms always remain perfectly smooth! Mindy copes with feminine woes just like the rest of us, and her unapologetic commentary on womanhood and femininity is part of what makes her so relatable. She just gets us. 


4. Mindy’s unapologetic love for food.

While Mindy comments on her size fairly often, she’s made it clear that being thin will never be her number one priority. To Mindy, there are more important things in the world…like eating. Duh.  


5. Mindy knows who she is.

Most of the time, Mindy does NOT have it all together. She knows that and owns it in her own way. Mindy shows us that you can fail at things and still love yourself.

Hulu has yet to announce whether or not it will pick up The Mindy Project. Until the verdict is announced, you’ll find us frantically tweeting Hulu to save our favorite show. #MindyonHulu 

Do you watch The Mindy Project? Would you switch over to Hulu to keep watching? Start a discussion in the comments.