50 Things You Can Do to Be Healthier and Happier in 2020

Sometimes, as much as we want to have an endless amount of excitement and cheer for a new year, it’s dreadful. While it can seem like new beginnings and fresh starts for some of us, a new year can also feel like a starting point for a necessary change. There’s so much pressure to make the best resolutions and goals, and that pressure is often surrounded by things like “drink more water” and “lose 10 pounds.” While those are certainly valid resolutions to have and strive for, it can make starting a new year feel like a burden when you have these insanely high expectations set for yourself. No one looks forward to starting a diet on January 1, right? 

Instead of heading into the new year with these lofty goals that will only disappoint you (sorry, not sorry), there are so many small steps you can take to be your healthiest and happiest self this year. We’re running through 50 (yes, 50!) concrete steps you can take to up your endorphins and keep your health on track. And while some are focused on diet and exercise, there are also so many ways to improve your mental and emotional wellness above being physically fit. So, we’ve made sure to include dozens of ideas that have absolutely nothing to do with eating more kale or signing up for a spin class.


1. Say “no” to things that don’t fit in your schedule

2. Wash your sheets more often

3. Unfollow people who don’t share your vision

4. Don’t be afraid to personalize your food order

5. Clean out your closet

6. Get your regular checkup

7. Try a meditation app (Headspace and Calm are great)

8. Sit in child’s pose for a minute or two when you’re stressed

9. Buy or pick yourself flowers

10. Make phone calls



11. Balance the colors on your plate

12. Go star-gazing

13. Drink a glass of water with every meal

14. Start a cookbook club

15. Make a TBR list (to-be-read)

16. Walk when you can

17. Delete news apps on your phone

18. Sneak fruits and veggies in when you can

19. Don’t be afraid to say no to drinking

20. Become a morning workout person



21. See a doctor when a problem arises instead of waiting

22. Declutter your playlists

23. Work on your relationship with food

24. Personalize your supplement routine

25. Drink your coffee black sometimes

26. Focus on your friendships

27. Make a theme for your year

28. Adopt a “no food rules” lifestyle

29. Talk through FOMO

30. Cut out soda



31. Sign yourself up for events, workshops, etc.

32. Learn more about seasonal produce

33. Stash healthy snacks wherever you go

34. Take breaks throughout your workday

35. Put your phone away before bed

36. Find a go-to Crockpot recipe

37. Cancel plans that don’t align with your goals

38. Try a full-body exercise, like swimming

39. Plan a vacation

40. Track your steps



41. Stretch after every workout

42. Get your flu shot

43. Add a superfood to your coffee 

44. Gratitude journal every day for a week 

45. Stop tracking your calories and focus on the nutrients instead

46. Chop veggies to prepare for the week 

47. Text a loved one a compliment out of the blue

48. Turn on a playlist you love and dance while getting ready

49. Take a probiotic

50. Get an accountability buddy 


We want to know: what goals do YOU have for 2020?!