6 Cut and Color Trends for Summer Hair

Nothing feels better than the fresh summer air in our hair. Warmer weather has us itching to try a new style and re-invent our looks via our locks. Indeed, summertime is the perfect time to break free from a hair rut we may have fallen victim to in the winter months.

Giddy to test out a few new custom looks, we took a trip to Lincoln Park’s white-hot Custom Hair Lounge for inspiration on the latest cut and color trends for warmer weather. We dipped our toes in the color pool and, dare we say, we love the new pep in our step! Summer 2015 ushers in pastel hues ranging from light lavender (in a variety of candy colored intensities) to sultry, smoky mink (in all its shades of grey) to copper blonde (and the entire rose gold metal range). Our wearable interpretation of these sizzling colors spark enough fashion interest to keep you in tune with the times, yet subtle enough for day-to-day.

We also sprinkled in some fantastic ideas for trimming away bulk, pairing down with classic cuts to bring out tones, and added dimension to our new customized hues. From short shag to lob, layered and long, bangs or none at all—these before and after transformations may have you running to book your next hair appointment. Use our real life trend boards to mix and match a summertime look tailored to your length, color and texture—and above all, have fun!

1. Face-Framing Layers (for curls and waves)



Curly hair that’s bulky and triangular shaped.

Implement fresh long, cascading layers that are strategically cut to reveal and enhance natural curl.


Cutting Trend #1: Create Bounce & Movement By Removing Bulk, Adding Framing Layers

Model: Lindsey Gonzalez Hair Stylist: Richard Makeup Artist: Tania

2. Vibrant Copper Color



Textured curls that need some TLC and a gentle color revamp.

Dry cut to re-fresh and enliven textured curls by color conditioning with ammonia free, gentle color—in a vibrant golden rose.


Color Trend # 1: Deep & Intense Warm Copper Blonde 

  • Cut: A dry cut was done to create less tension on sensitive curly hair and liven up ends.
  • Color: Refresh with non-toxic plant based “Colorwear” by Alfa Parf to impart a warmer, copper blonde shade.
  • Shampooing: Shampoo was applied to the roots and left to naturally run through the ends.
  • Conditioning: Conditioner was applied to the ends, with just the remaining conditioner applied to the roots.
  • Home Care: The trick to curly hair is to not comb hair once out of the shower. Only comb hair with conditioner while in the shower.

Model: Melissa Graham Hair Stylist: Nevsy Makeup: Tania

3. Pop of Pastel (for short hair)



Short hair that needs a little extra pop—while growing out or maintaining its length.

Shag and pixie cuts are hot for summer. This short ‘do was given a refresher by adding a textured cut and the latest color craze—pastel hair.


Color Trend # 2: Pastel Hair…Try A Natural, Light Lavender For Extra Pop 

Model: Ashley Ryan Wood Hair: Tania and Nevsy Makeup: Tania

4. Balayage for Visual Fullness



Dull color that could use some strategic brightening for added fullness and dimension.

Custom three dimensional color was implemented using cool and warm tones via Balayage (a French word meaning to paint) for fullness and gorgeous natural looking color.


Color Trend #3: Balayage is fantastic for summer as color grows out beautifully and naturally so you don’t have an obvious re-growth line.  

  • Natural color was brought to a lighter tone and balayage coloring technique was weaved in for dimension.
  • To begin styling, don’t start drying hair that is too wet as that dilutes product and diminishes results.
  • We used Kevin Murphy Body Builder and paddle brushed the hair away from the face but left it very natural and not over styled.
  • To finish, use a light hold hair spray. To easily style at home, turn hair upside down and spray additional product for volume and movement.

Model: Lauren Topol Hair Stylist: Nevsy 


5. A Touch of Charcoal (for medium length hair)



Platinum color and a lob (long bob!) that needed touching up.

Add dimension to lob and transform blonde by mixing in some light charcoal.


Color Trend #4: Add A Little Mink…Try An Ash Pearl Pastel

Model: Molly Tullis Hair Stylist: Alena MakeupTania


6. Long Layered Beach-y Waves (for long hair)



Bored with long length and want to grow out bangs.

Try defined long layers and beach-y waves—both maintain length and are on-trend for spring. (Bonus: This style works great for long bangs, allowing you to grow them out gradually).


Cutting Trend #2: Long Layers Paired With Beach-y Straight Edge Waves 

  • Cut: Long layers cut for interest, lift, and volume.
  • Preparation: Moroccanoil Extra Volume Shampoo and Conditioner and volume enhancing mousse.
  • Styling: To create the “in” wave for spring, create beach-y waves while leaving the ends straight.

Model: Katie Niemiec ​Hair Stylist: Angel Makeup: Ina

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