9 Impactful Accessories That Will Update Your Living Room for Less Than $100

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The living room is one of the most important and versatile rooms in a home. It’s where you entertain guests and lounge after a long day, so having a space that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable is crucial. However, trends come and go, and our own decor tastes change over time. The wall color or couch you liked three years ago may feel like the bane of your existence now.

That said, revamping an entire living room can be overwhelming and costly, which is why holding off altogether might seem like the better solution. But I’m here to let you in on a little secret: With the right accessories, you can totally transform your space—all without breaking the bank.

Make your living room your sanctuary with these impactful under-$100 accessories. From throw pillows to sculptures, coffee table books, and more, these affordable living room accessories are everything you need to elevate your space.


1. Artwork

Artwork is one of the easiest ways to dress up your home and breathe life into a room. Look for pieces that flow with the overall design and color scheme and are the right size for your space. Choose pieces that stand out enough to make an impact without being too jarring. Above the sofa, opt for a single large piece or a gallery of frames—either should amount to about two-thirds of the sofa’s width. Hang smaller pieces to fill in blank spaces between windows and doors. If you’re hanging a collage with an uneven amount of photos, consider putting the biggest pieces in the center or bottom left to create a visually appealing arrangement.


2. Throw pillows

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Nothing’s more inviting than some comfortable pillows. They make your space cozier while bringing everything together. They can also add a pop of contrast. The main thing to remember when selecting throw pillows is that functionality and size matter. For standard sofas, 20-inch pillows work well for maximum comfort, while smaller sizes are best for low-back, modern sofas or when you’re layering multiple pillows. Choose an anchor color, and then add up to two more shades for a cohesive palette. Working from the outer edges in, arrange your pillows from largest to smallest.


3. Decorative busts and sculptures

When it comes to living room accessories, it truly doesn’t get any more classic than busts and sculptures. Timeless and elegant, these accents can make any room look more sophisticated. Create a beautiful vignette by placing one on a coffee table, bookshelf, mantel, or sideboard. Layer your sculpture with other accessories like candles and books to tie it all together.

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Marble Disc Decor


4. Coffee table books

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Coffee table books are a timeless accessory for good reason: Not only do they look beautiful, but they also give guests something to occupy themselves with if need be. When it comes to styling them, a good rule of thumb is to stack them in odd-numbered groups—three is a good starting place. Arrange them from largest to smallest, with the largest book on the bottom, and place the stack in one corner of your coffee table. Pick colors that complement your room or add a pop of color to create some contrast. Don’t be afraid to stack other accessories, like a vase or sculpture, on top of them, either.


5. Plants

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Plants are known to bring good vibes and purify the air in a room, so if you have a green thumb or want to incorporate some nature into your life, consider investing in a few indoor plants. If you’re a beginner gardener, choose plants that require minimal care or opt for realistic-looking faux options. Then, use your plants to fill in empty space on shelves, atop furniture, or in corners.


6. Artificial or dried bouquets

If you don’t want to worry about taking care of a living thing, artificial or dried flowers may be the move for you. These bouquets last forever, so you can easily reuse them year after year. Bring in a bouquet of dried wildflowers for a colorful, feminine touch, or opt for an arrangement of dried grasses if your style leans more boho. Then pick out a vase that matches your room’s aesthetic and heightens the bouquet’s beauty.


7. Candles

Regardless of what kind you use—whether it’s a scented jar candle, a flameless LED one, or a set of tapers—candles add ambiance. They help create calming energy in a space. Place smaller candles on a coffee table or end table, on top of your mantel, or even on a windowsill. For large LED candles, consider arranging them in clusters on the floor; they look especially good in front of a fireplace.


8. Serving trays

If your home tends to feel cluttered, a tray may be your perfect living room accessory. Not only do trays look cute, but they’re also a great organizational tool. Place one on your coffee table, a console, or any other piece of furniture, and use it to corral small items like coasters and remotes. Style the tray with some coffee table books, vases, or other decorative items for a polished look.

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Cane Fiber Tray

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Small Brass Tray


9. Mirrors

Nothing elevates a room quite like a mirror. These living room accessories are obviously functional when you need a quick reflection check, but they can also help your space feel more spacious thanks to the reflected light. What’s more, you can place a mirror pretty much anywhere: on the floor, above a fireplace mantel, against a wall, and so on.

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Wood Arch Mirror


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