I’m Seriously Ready for an Apartment Makeover: Here are the Pieces I Have My Eye On

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I never thought I’d be a home decor girl. I’ve always been more likely to save my spending money for shoes and overpriced vegan snack foods, not for nice furniture or wall art. But then I moved into a grown-up apartment (AKA the bedroom has four walls this time), and something in me clicked. My Instagram home feed has turned into a scrolling list of interior designers, and I online shop for carpets instead of purses (what is happening to me?). With a new apartment comes a new style, so I’ve been looking for ways to update my old pieces in ways that feel new. In other words, I’m so ready for an apartment makeover. Here are the key items I’m using to transform my space without spending all of my overpriced-vegan-snack-food money (or, you know, the rent). 


Stand-Out Furniture

OK hear me out: Before you say that “furniture” and “budget” do not belong in the same sentence, I’ve found over the years that investing in high-quality furniture pieces that stand out will save me money in the long run. Pretty sofas or stylish accent chairs not only transform every room they’re in, but they’re also functional. Think about it: These furniture pieces draw so much attention, you won’t need to put as much money/effort into the rest of the room because your furniture looks so good. Call us biased, but the gorgeous pieces from The Everygirl’s collab with Interior Define come in a variety of luxe velvet fabrics, pretty shades, and elegant features. Whether your style is more eye-catching jewel tone or subtle and sleek, with furniture this beautiful, you won’t need a makeover. 

The Everygirl X Interior Define

Rose Love Seat

10+ colors available

The Everygirl X Interior Define

Caitlin Petite Chair

10+ colors available

The Everygirl X Interior Define

Caitlin Sofa

10+ colors available


Decorated Shelves

Everyone has bookshelves or storage shelves, but are yours as stylish as they are functional? A few key accessories placed intentionally throughout a stack of shelves can transform any room in a matter of minutes (and doesn’t have to break the bank). Think: sculptures, candles, or books in a variety of shapes, heights, and textures, and spread them out to avoid cluttering.


Wall Mirrors

So you have a wall to fill but aren’t the type to invest in major art pieces? Same. My interior design secret for filling up space as well as making a small room feel bigger is hanging up a mirror. Whether your style is more simplistic, glamorous, or vintage, there’s always a mirror for you (at an affordable price!). Forget expensive art. A wall mirror looks just as good.

Project 62

Round Decorative Mirror

4 colors available

Lulu and Georgia

Gina Mirror


Nature-Inspired Accents

One of my favorite interior design trends RN is accessories with a natural finish (like  textured pieces, lots of clay, and unfinished wood). Not only is it stylish and brings an element of nature to your home (it’s like the no-makeup makeup version of interior design), but you can also find the pieces at an affordable cost. 

Sagebrook Home

Wooden Stool

Etsy | B Precious Studio

Clay Knot Sculpture

3 colors available

Threshold X Studio McGee

Weathered Jug Vase


Gallery Walls

Back to that filling-a-blank-wall conundrum. What you do with a wall can make a space look entirely different, even without changing anything else. If you’re like me and can’t afford big, expensive pieces, consider putting together a gallery wall of smaller, downloadable prints you love. Mix up dimensions and frames to make a huge impact. 

Etsy | Marcelle Atelier

Vintage Ad Poster

Etsy | The Poster Tribe

Matisse Abstract Plant Print

Etsy | Grace Digital Art Co

Les Fleurs Poster


Subtle Animal Print

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Whether it’s my wardrobe or my home decor, animal print is basically a neutral for me at this point. A tiger print throw pillow or cheetah print accent piece brings style and personality to even the most basic of rooms. TBH, every room in my apartment right now has a subtle pop of animal print (yes, I’m that girl), and it makes everything feel cooler. 

The Inside

X Bench

10+ colors available


One Pop of Color

I love my neutrals because I can keep the pieces for years, no matter if my space or style changes. But opting for neutrals also means that a small pop of color makes a major statement, even if it’s subtle. I’m leaning into accents like faux flowers, throw pillows, and coffee table books to bring more personality and excitement to my apartment. 

Etsy | Bread Tree 11

Silk Peony Bouquet

6 colors available

The Home Depot

Throw Pillow

2 colors available

Carrie Solomon

Makers Paris


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