5 Easy Fall Decorating Ideas We’re Stealing From Studio McGee

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I have a theory that all people fall within one of two categories in this life: those who wait until Sept. 22 to accept the fact that autumn has arrived and those who start drinking pumpkin spice lattes to welcome fall in late August. For those of us who identify with the latter, we’re already looking to emulate our favorite season in our homes and beyond. And what better place to look than the beautifully curated spaces created by our friends at Studio McGee?

One swipe of the design company’s Instagram can single-handedly provide me my daily dose of serotonin and simultaneously make me want to redecorate my entire apartment in one sitting. With a perfectly balanced traditional-meets-modern style, Studio McGee is known for bright, harmonious spaces that are a welcoming breath of fresh air. So when we want to transform our own homes, it’s no surprise that we look to them for inspiration. If you’re looking to make your home a fall oasis, look no further. Here are five fall decorating ideas that we’re stealing from Studio McGee:


1. Breathe new life into your space with fall-inspired florals

Adding fall florals to your space is a perfect way to help your home reflect the changing of seasons and to add color, texture, and contrast to any room. In early fall, reach for autumnal florals like dahlias, eucalyptus leaves, and smaller blooms, and in late autumn, opt for botanicals that reflect the colors around you in tones ranging from jade to burgundy to burnt orange.

2. Transform the look of an entire room by swapping in seasonal throw pillows

When my mother changes out the throw pillows on her bed from a breathtaking baby blue to a deep, warm taupe year after year, I know that fall is officially upon us. Swapping out throw pillows in your home to reflect the changing of seasons is an easy way to transform your home from a light, airy summer haven to a cozy fall nest in no time flat. This year, we’re reaching for those that boast earthy tones like beige, taupe, lush green, and ivory to help warm up and refresh our space as the cooler temps roll in.

Threshold with Studio McGee

Striped Throw Pillow

Threshold with Studio McGee

Acrylic Throw Pillow

Threshold with Studio McGee

Boucle Throw Pillow

Threshold with Studio McGee

Plaid Throw Pillow

3. Gather multi-colored pumpkins to fall-ify your front porch

There’s nothing quite like a porch full of pumpkins to declare your love for the season, but despite all odds, Studio McGee once again has shown us how to do it with style. While the traditional (albeit attention-seeking) burnt orange pumpkin might come to mind when you think of fall outdoor decor, we challenge you to broaden your horizons and look beyond the obvious. As Shea McGee has demonstrated here, pumpkins in other color varieties (green, white, gray-blue, and light orange) are the key to elevating your typical fall porch decor. If you can’t find them at your local pumpkin patch, you could always paint them.


4. Add cozy throws to warm up any room

Throw blankets are my favorite piece of home decor because they’re undoubtedly functional (a binge-watching necessity) and also have the ability to help transition your decor for the season. When the cool temps creep in and the leaves begin to change colors, we’ll be reaching for cozy throws to add texture and warmth to our space.

Threshold with Studio McGee

Plush Throw Blanket

Threshold with Studio McGee

Acrylic Throw Blanket

Threshold with Studio McGee

Plaid Throw Blanket

Threshold with Studio McGee

Rib Knit Throw Blanket

5. Invest in a seasonal wreath to add greenery to your space

In the high autumn months of October and November, invest in a wreath that will be sure to make a tasteful seasonal statement. Adding greenery (whether it’s real or faux) can help bring life to any room and, as demonstrated time and time again by Studio McGee, can bring an organic touch to an already well-decorated space.

Threshold with Studio McGee

Olive Leaf Wreath

Threshold with Studio McGee

Magnolia Wreath

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