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6 Things Women Who Are Happy Being Single Have in Common

Source: @roman-odintsov | Pexels
Source: @roman-odintsov | Pexels

Though I’m in a serious relationship now, it wasn’t that long ago that I was living the single girl life. I went where I wanted when I wanted, I spent the evenings watching all my favorite guilty pleasure TV shows, and I didn’t have to justify my Target shopping sprees to anyone. My boyfriend and I are pretty independent people, so this isn’t too different from my life now (with the exception of sharing my location and having to wait for him to watch Ted Lasso). But I also know these are some of my single girlfriends’ favorite things about not having a partner.

I have one friend who goes on days-long hiking trips by herself whenever she feels like it because no one is at home waiting for her. Another friend indulges in all her favorite foods and experiments with different recipes because she only has to cook for herself. Sure, it’s nice to have someone to hike or have dinner with every now and then, but I also know they enjoy being single because they get to do the things they love without thinking about how it affects someone else. This freedom isn’t the only marker of singledom, though, read on for the six things all happily single women have in common.


They take themselves on dates

The idea of eating alone in a restaurant or going to a movie by yourself might sound lonely or intimidating, but single girls know how fun it can be. There’s no dreaded “where should we go for dinner” conversation and they can pick whatever movie they want to see. More importantly, it’s an opportunity for single girls to spend quality time with themselves as they would a partner. They use this time to check in with themselves, practice manifestation journaling, or read their favorite book—all things you could never do on a date with a significant other.


They spend more time with their friends and family

It can be tough to juggle spending quality time with your family and friends when you’re also in a romantic relationship. But women who are happily single don’t have to worry about divvying up their calendars to make time for who they love. They have full authority to decide who they see and when and this allows them to prioritize their relationships and have more well-rounded and happier social lives because of it. 


They say no to hanging out with their couple friends when they don’t feel like it

Happily single women don’t mind being the third wheel, but that doesn’t mean they always want to be. That’s why they know the importance of setting boundaries, especially if they know they’re going to feel like the odd one out or they’re not in the mood to be around couples. Bonus points for those who ask their best friend to leave her man at home so they can have some quality girl time.


They don’t put too much pressure on dating

Just because someone is happy being single doesn’t mean they aren’t going on the occasional date. What it does mean, though, is that they aren’t worried about finding their next partner or wondering if this date will finally be “the one.” They’re open to meeting someone new but aren’t trying to force a relationship to work when it doesn’t because they’re ultimately content being alone.


They invest in themselves

According to an analysis by LendingTree, single women are more likely to own a home than single men. Not only is this an amazing accomplishment for women, considering the wage disparity between men and women, but it also shows that women who are happy being single value taking care of themselves financially. They know that they’re just as capable of making, saving, and spending their money wisely as men are and they can do it all by themselves.


They know what they want in the bedroom

When women are left to their own devices (quite literally in this sense), they’re able to experiment and learn about what they like in the bedroom and what brings them the most pleasure. They don’t have to worry about trying to please anyone else, so they can focus solely on what they enjoy. Then, when they are in a relationship or with a partner, they’re able to better communicate their needs or desires because they already took the time to get to know themselves and their body when they were happy being single.