The Best TikTok Dances to Learn While Social Distancing + 7 Stories That Will Cheer You Up RN

And 7 other things from the Internet this week that will make you smile

I’ve really fallen victim to my own hubris in thinking that, as an introvert, social distancing would be no problemo. And yet here I am, two weeks in, having a serious discussion with my cat about the merits of Team Jess versus Team Logan and popping Cheez-Its like Altoids. If, like me, you are looking for many and varied distractions, scroll on. 


1. TikTok dances to learn while trapped in the box that is your apartment, ranked from easiest to exsquoz, what?

Listen, talking about TikTok makes me feel like Jen’s grandma on Dawson’s Creek but yes, I did try all of these dances in my apartment and no, I will not release the video footage.



2. This thread legitimately made me tear up. Nothing lifts my spirits like seeing people use their platform to genuinely help other people. We’re all in this together.

Shea Serrano is a national treasure. If you’re looking for ways to help, this article lists five practical things you can do while continuing to social distance. 



3. Hallmark Channel will air 27 original Christmas movies this weekend to help us all relive more festive times.

Christmas in Rome is LEGIT. Sam Page can have anything of mine he wants OK bye. 



4. Two bonded penguins went on a date night at the Shedd Aquarium and yes, that sound you just heard was my heart exploding with joy.

Penguin dating > real dating, that is all. 



5. “Working From Home During a Global Pandemic Bingo” 

Source: McSweeney’s

This really made me laugh out loud (in my apartment alone, of course). 



6. 100 movies to watch on Netflix in case you’ve already watched To All The Boys 100 times 

May I formally suggest The Bling Ring, which is an absolutely wild ride of Emma Watson’s American accent, Paris Hilton’s house, and the line “Girls! Time for your Adderall!” In case you run out of movies, try these 100 TV shows too. 



7. This gentle reminder that you don’t have to be extra productive or working at max capacity at this time. Give yourself the grace and rest you need

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If you a) are stressed out by all the content encouraging you to treat self-quarantine like some kind of creative/wellness retreat and/or b) don’t have access to a therapist, here are some things I took away from a FaceTime with mine this morning: 1. Everyone deals with anxiety differently. Some people get manically productive, others become the opposite. Where you fall is not your choice. 2. We are embroiled in unprecedented chaos, learning new and terrifying things every day. The idea that you should and can achieve a sense of order in how you go about your day, work, or general wellbeing is unrealistic. Forgive yourself for feeling scattered, unfocused, and paralyzed. 3. It is okay to have needs that run counter to your self-conception. Listen to your needs. They may be different from other people’s. 4. Everything has turned upside down—you cannot undo that through hard work. If you delude yourself into thinking you can, you are introducing more pressure into an already stressful situation and will most likely spiral further, making your sense of paralysis a self-fulfilling prophecy. 5. You will not fully comprehend this situation until you have some distance from it. You cannot force comprehension. 6. Any energy you spend beating yourself up for not “making the most” of a global pandemic (so fucking dark!!!) is energy stolen from you by capitalism. You are more than your output. (Repeat 3x)

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If you’re looking for more goodness, this essay by Haley is something I come back to again and again (and again). 



8. And finally, a list of silver linings people have found while social distancing. Lots of smiles in here.

This made me want to call my Nana. Call someone you love!