Hear This: A Silent Film

With a sound that hints at Keane and The Killers, it’s no surprise that A Silent Film has the talent and charm to make you fall in love a little (especially during their energetic live shows). After leaving Oxford, UK to find new musical inspiration in the US, this trio has truly found their niche in alternative pop.

If you could hear what it feels like to wear your heart on your sleeve, A Silent Film’s Sand & Snow would be it. Composed of echoing vocals, romantic strings, and piano melodies, this album is an honest, poetic collection of songs about learning, loving, and living.

Fan-favorite, “Danny, Dakota & the Wishing Well,” tells the messy-yet-hopeful tale of lost young love. The slow intro builds quickly into a thumping beat that mixes perfectly with a string-driven melody. Another favorite, “Harbour Lights,” has a sing-along quality and lovely lyrics to boot: you were my rock, never my stepping stone. Definitely check out “Anastasia” and “Love Takes a Wrecking Ball” to hear more of what these charismatic British gents are made of.

A Silent Film is wrapping up their US tour this week. The guys are also working hard on their third album, set for release in 2014. Check them out on spotify here.