How to Get Ready and Out of the Gym

Have you been dying to try a new workout class but it rarely fits into your schedule? Or do you barely manage to pull off a post workday trip to the gym? We know, we know, sometimes our lengthy to-do list can get the best of us. Who has time to sneak in a barre class and be presentable to make it to 10 a.m. Sunday brunch? Or pull off pilates and all those post work errands in time for happy hour?

There is a way! To prove it, we teamed up with lucy workout wear and Lauren Nolan (blogger at Lakeshore Lady) to show us how to get out of the gym and on with your day in just 15 minutes. The secret? Read on to find out!

Tip #1: Pick the right workout

Get Lauren’s workout look: top, capri pants, and headband by lucy

When you don’t have time for a post workout shower, it’s probably best to leave the Navy Seal-like boot camp or hot yoga for another day. But opting for a less sweaty option doesn’t mean settling for an easy workout! Vinyasa yoga, pilates, and barre (like The Dailey Method) are all great, low-impact options that give you maximum booty kicking, without the buckets of sweat.

Tip #2: Make your athletic wear work even harder 

When you suit up for the gym, take advantage of activewear that can be mixed with street clothes—trainers that pair well with jeans, a skirt for an “athleisure” look, or a sweatshirt that can be styled for different occasions. This saves room in your gym bag (who wants to lug around all that stuff?) and it will make the act of getting dressed a total snap. We love lucy’s athletic wear options; they look just as cute during your workout as they do on the street.

Tip #3: Pack double-duty beauty essentials

“I really love getting my workouts in, even when I have a lot going on,” Lauren says. “Strategically packing my gym bag is the best way to ensure that I can squeeze exercise in between meetings, events, and happy hours.”

To avoid hauling makeup and hair products to the gym (and, not to mention, around with you the rest of the day) choose products specifically for post workout use. This way, they can find a home in your gym bag and end the “I forgot my makeup at home!” moments. A handful of products that serve multiple purposes cuts down on gym bag clutter.

“Using all-in-one products like a bronzer, blush, and highlighter compact is much more convenient!” Lauren says. “That, plus a swipe of bright lipstick, always makes me feel more put together!”

Here are some of our favorite must bring beauty items:

  • Yes to Cucumbers facial wipes: Rather than spending a few minutes washing your face, remove sweat and grime in seconds with cooling cucumber facial wipes. They feel like a mini facial!
  • Glossier priming facial moisturizer: After your face is clean, follow with Glossier priming moisturizer—a primer and lotion all-in-one. Lotion and primer are two of the biggest real estate offenders in your makeup bag, so this gives you a lot of bang for your buck!
  • Fave4 Texture Takeover spray: Acts like a dry shampoo and hair spray all-in-one. It’ll soak up that post-workout moisture around your forehead and give you great hold. Plus, it comes in mini sample sizes, perfect for your gym bag!
  • Perfume samples: Why haul a giant bottle of perfume around (or worse, risk it spilling all over your clothes!). When you’re at the department store, grab a few extra samples of your favorite scent to stash in your bag. “I have one in my gym bag at all times!” Lauren says.
  • The Body Shop purifying hand cream: After handling sweaty mats, this cream gives your hands the perfect freshening pick-me-up.
  • Bright lipstick: The easiest way to look instantly pulled together? A bright lip! Whether it’s red, pink, coral, you name it—the quickest way to freshen your appearance.
  • Urban Decay blush, bronzer, and highlighter compact: Three major face essentials—all in one little compact!

Tip #4: Master an easy up-do

Who has time to shower and blow-dry hair after the gym? Save that for when you get home later! Try Lauren’s quick and simple braid instead:

Step one: Spray dry shampoo and hair spray (or our favorite, Fave4 Texture Takeover, as seen above!) and brush hair to one side of head, leaving your natural part.

Step two: Starting on the same side, grab a section of hair near the base of your ear and split into three parts. Begin to French braid towards the other side of your head. (Cross the right section over the center section. Grab more hair and cross the left section over the middle section. Return to grab more hair and cross the right section over the center, and so on.)

Step three: When all of your hair has been incorporated into the French braid, finish with a regular braid and secure with a hair tie.

Step four: Finish by loosening your braid (for a tousled look) by gently pulling apart a few sections. Let a few strands hang down in the front, if desired!

Tip #5: Simple is best

Get Lauren’s post-workout look: Sweatshirt: lucy // Striped tank: J.Crew // Shoes: Nike RosheRun from Bloomingdales // Necklace: Gorjana via RocksBox

When you’re packing for the gym, err on the side of simple and basic. You don’t want to be fussing with three options of bulky jewelry, pair of shoes, or outfits that requires several layers and pieces. Remember, bold lipstick transforms even the simplest outfit! Try packing in a color scheme (i.e. black and white, or neutrals) and choose a few items to change into that compliment what you’re already wearing to the gym. Here, Lauren went with a striped top that paired well with her sweatshirt, and crisp, springy white jeans to balance out her sporty trainers.

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What are your post-gym getting ready tips?


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