Keep Seeing Repeating Numbers? Here’s A Numerologist-Approved Guide to Angel Numbers

written by TIERRA HARRIS

During my first year away from home for college, I’d constantly see 444. I didn’t think much of it at first; it was just a coincidence that kept happening. But then, I started seeing it everywhere. The numbers would appear on classroom doors, on my receipt totals, and even when I paused my streaming services.

I needed to figure out why 444 wouldn’t leave me alone. So I began researching and fell headfirst into my spiritual journey. I was overwhelmed with life path numbers, expression numbers, heart’s desire numbers, and more to the point of exhaustion—numerology was an endless study.

I came across a million meanings for what the repeating 4s meant. Some posts mentioned the importance of a greater purpose while others focused on acknowledging honesty and inner wisdom. Eventually, though, I figured the numbers would appear whenever I’d be worrying about family. If I found myself not having enough time to call my siblings, I’d see 444. If I missed a FaceTime call with my grandma, I’d see 444. If I decided not to go home for a weekend because of stress with school, I’d see 444. It all started to click when I recognized the actions in relation to the numbers and took the numerical advice to tackle the issue head-on. 

Although I’ve figured out what works for me, it doesn’t make me an expert in numerology for you. So I connected with numerologists Morgan Lett and Jessica Cerato to get the answers you’re craving. If the casual coincidence has become a normality in your everyday, here’s your guide to figuring it all out. 


Meet the expert
Morgan Lett
Numerologist and Lifestyle Astrologist
Besides running a popular YouTube account, Morgan also has an Instagram account where she circulates daily astrology information, consultations, and testimonials to assist astro-lovers in figuring out their connection with a higher power.
Meet the expert
Jessica Cerato
Numerologist and Energy Strategist
Jessica is on a mission to help people prioritize intuition over intellect through the power of numbers. She loves new ideas and connecting the dots and patterns in the world. Former corporate executive turned intuitive healer, she has always felt connected with her guides—but now, she listens to them! Follow her Instagram account or use her online resources for more insight!


Common Repeating Numbers and What They Mean


According to Morgan, this is “the number of conception.” When you find yourself wanting to seek something new in terms of your identity or figuring out your main character energy, this is the sign to go for it. It’s truly a confirmation that now is the time to be the natural leader you were always meant to be. 

Some ideal next steps after seeing 111 are spending time alone and seriously dating yourself. Start journaling, practicing body acceptance, and splurging on yourself—let’s be real, sometimes, money can buy happiness. Recognizing the self-worth within is a gateway to breaking down who you are, what you want, and where you see yourself in the future. 


Known as the symbols of balance, relationships, and duality in the spiritual community, these numbers can also be defined as musically centered. Jessica pointed out that at some points, you might feel that “your intuition is trying to speak to you—it may be whispering” and that it’s time to be still and patient with your inner wisdom. She also mentioned that these numbers are fuel for connection and hope. 

Repeating 2s are the time for acknowledging strong relationships—romantic or platonic— that provide universal help. For example, it could be a sign to reach out to your friend who always has your back or taking the next step in a romantic relationship with someone who always makes time for you. The repeating numbers can also be a sign to recognize positivity, luck, and joy within yourself and these relationships. 


As a true sign of divinity, seeing 3 in any order is recognized with manifestation and the connection of the mind, body, and spirit. Morgan noted that these numbers are associated with the “Christ consciousness”—or your source of divine intuition—and are motivation to create and share your work. It’s also recognized as a sign of healing, so it’s a great number if you’re wanting to help heal yourself and others.

The next steps you should take after seeing 333 are all about hitting send. Send in your resume for that new job, hit send on that essay you wrote, or hit send on that request for a loan for your new business. This number is all about taking the next steps and bringing your ideas to fruition. 


Similar to my story of family, 4 is known to represent stability, safety, and structure. Jessica pointed out that it can also be a reminder that those elements can exist “within you, not from an external source.” If things feel disorganized, it’s a sign to be more managerial-like and truly take ownership of what the universe is handing you.

Seeing 444 is a sign that the physical things you’ve always wanted are available to you. Solidify the next steps of purchasing a house, starting a family, moving, or wherever else life is taking you.


Known as a number of spontaneity, Morgan urged those who see the repeating numbers to go with the flow of new change. This “period of radical transformation” is a sign to explore more of yourself, travel, and stop being so serious. Similar to 333, repeating 5s are a lot more expansive. She added that it’s important to “open yourself up to new discovery.”

If “take the vacation” were numbers, they’d be 555. It’s time to let yourself see the world. Although you may be comfortable, that’s the problem. Life is all about seeing what else is out there and constantly allowing yourself to evolve. Take the next steps of booking a solo trip, taking some well-deserved PTO and letting yourself fly free like a kid again.


Although this number has been put in a bad light, it’s way more wholesome than it seems. Jessica noted that repeating 6s may “remind you of karma.” It’s normal to feel a natural rebalancing of sorts and it’s the framework of creating a team—whether that be in the realm of marriage, family, or friendships. Known as a healing energy, 6 is also a representation of yin and yang.

Repeating 6s are a sign to bring balance to your masculine and feminine energies. If you’ve noticed you’re stuck in a constant state of girlbossing, step back and allow yourself to receive from others or simply enjoy the fruits of your labor. If you’ve noticed the opposite, step into your masculine energy by taking action in ways that help grow your career.


Repeating 7s signify a time for research and self-reflection. If you find yourself entering a new chapter of going to school, starting a new trade, or learning a new skill, Morgan advised you “focus on your connection to your higher power and reconnect with your spiritual practice.” This signal to go for it and dig deep into yourself will prove to be the beginning of your greatness.

Seeings 7s is definitely the time to keep your head in the books. Focus on your hobbies or enhance your productivity. It’s also a great reminder that the struggles you’re experiencing will be worth it soon enough; although things may feel difficult or never-ending, remember why you started. 


Seeing repeating 8s is a sign for focusing on self-mastery and elevating your sense of purpose. Morgan said this is a point where “the universe is telling you that you know who you are and your purpose, so it’s time to be a leader.” She also pointed out that it’s a time to cherish that “you’ve passed the test of awareness” and now it’s time to welcome in financial stability and wealth. 

Similar to repeating 1s, seeing lots of 8s is a sign to be more focused on a higher sense of identity. But this set of numbers is more focused on feeding your identity into a communal entity. Although you may have landed the raise or elevated in status, don’t let it stop there. For example, starting a business or becoming a mentor are great options to share your skills with the people around you.


Repeating 9s is a time for celebration; Jessica mentioned that “this is a completion energy and that something is coming to a close.” It’s time to make space for something new and let a new story begin. Noted by Morgan as the “ascension process,” it’s an evolutionary part of life that signals new beginnings alongside your newfound knowledge of self.

This is the time to treat yourself! Whether you’ve just completed school, finished up a program, or got through a difficult patch in life, it’s time to celebrate new beginnings. It’s integral to allow yourself time for rest and recovery during this time, too. 


Although you may think 10+10=20, in the case of numerology, Morgan urged you to look at the numbers as to equal 11 instead. She noted it’s a symbol of “being called to think outside of the box and pave a new path.” This sign of innovation and pioneering is a message of urgency to act quickly and with a sense of ownership.

Seeing 1010 could mean it’s time to get up and do the thing you’ve been waiting for. Is there a hobby, side hustle, or career change you’ve always wanted but never felt it was the right time? This is your sign to take the risk!


Known as divine synchronicity, Jessica noted that 1111 represents the time to build and recognize the “frequency of innovation” in your life. It’s all about manifesting your reality and recognizing your dreams are achievable. Morgan also noted that using the listed number (1, in this case) alongside its frequency (4) shows that this number is actually a combination of meanings. She recognizes it as a sense of stability and structure to the ideation process—or a time where the creative process of generating, developing, and communicating new ideas happens. 

If you’re constantly seeing 1111, it’s the time to manifest and achieve your best life. Ignore the feelings of doubt or inadequacy; they no longer can affect your ability to get what you desire. Take this time to figure out what you genuinely want—for example, a better sex life, financial success, or a career you love


The doubled 1s and 2s of this symbol are a representation of balanced action and consistency. Jessica referred to this angel number as a cue to “step into the spotlight” and reclaim the support the universe has given you. It can also represent delegating where you’ve been stressed. If you feel that you’ve been losing a balancing act, Morgan advised you “practice trust and allow others to support you,” especially if that’s been difficult for you in the past. Be sure to stay the course of life and do whatever self-care you need to stay grounded.

Some great steps to take if you keep seeing 1212 are calling a friend, visiting family more often, or trying out therapy. On the flip side, it’s also important to recognize one-sided relationships or partners who may not reciprocate what you need—whether it be platonic or romantic. In order to keep you from feeling burned out, it’s best that you take action as soon as you can.


Things to Remember

If you’re constantly seeing repeating numbers, it’s important to recognize when they show up rather than just the numerical meaning alone. If you’re seeing 777 and you know it has absolutely nothing to do with relationships, try shifting it to cater to your individual situation. Maybe you only see the repeating numbers when you’re thinking about your childhood pet. This could mean that lessons you learned from your animal as a child may need to be revisited as an adult. 

Although I only outlined these popular repeating numbers, there’s an array of combinations that can be apparent for you. Remember that individual numbers rather than adding whole ones together is how to navigate numerology in the best way. If you see 12:22, think 1+2+2+2=7, rather than 12+22. Working with numbers 1-9 will help provide a storyline that will surely be more relevant and easier to correlate. 

The most important thing to take from numerology is the importance of combining manifestation with it. If you happen to look up and see an angel number, even if you’ve only seen it on a rare occasion, it’s important to manifest or make a quick wish during that time. Working this way is nothing short of magic. Just like you wish upon a star, you should do the same with angel numbers.