Can’t Get Enough of Royal Romances? Add These 12 Podcasts to Your Queue ASAP


A spot of tea and an episode of The Crown makes me feel like I can never get enough of the royal gossip. And I mean, with everything that’s come out of the palace over the last few years, it’s no wonder why we’re all obsessed with the lives of the royals. “Team Meghan” and “team Kate” have become a thing, and it seems like TV is teeming with biopics and royally inspired shows about Princess Diana. But whether you look to them for fashion inspiration or give the royals as little attention as possible (I mean, it’s true that some people in power are not necessarily good people), chances are, a scandalous or even cute romance in the palace piques your interest.

Personally, I love a romance story, and with a seemingly endless supply of, shall we say, salaciously fascinating tales that come out of the royal palace, it’s pretty obvious that you can’t go wrong with some royal gossip. Whether you look at the modern romances between Prince Charles’ sons or go back to the Victorian era, royal romances make for great talking points. Be they tales of love triangles, revenge-filled relations, or a true fairytale, I love to learn all I can about these affairs through the world of podcasts. However, as royally obsessed as we are, finding the perfect podcast about royal romances can be easier said than done—which is why I’ve picked some out for you.

Here are 12 podcasts perfect for those of us who can’t get enough of royal romances, from historical deep dives with ties to eroticism to enthralling investigations into shocking scandals.


1. When Diana Met…

OK, I know everyone loves to talk about Princess Diana, but how much do you really know about her? Personally, I knew less about her than I thought. Host Aminatou Sow unpacks everything we don’t know about the royal icon, giving us her own interpretation of the figure from her mother’s views of Diana when she was growing up in West Africa. With Sow’s captivating memories of her recalling Diana as someone her mother loved, she demystifies the image the media has pushed forward of Diana. Throughout each episode, Sow interviews those who knew Diana or had been in her presence to observe how society thought of power, women, and media back then versus today. Few people who knew the royal princess and fashion icon spoke about her publicly, but in this CNN podcast, we get to hear the personal experiences from those who danced with her to the woman who cut her hair. The podcast doesn’t dodge any bullets and kicks off with addressing the elephant in the room (or should I say castle) with the highly talked-about Diana and Camilla rivalry and only gets more interesting from there.


2. Royally Obsessed

Ah, the name of this podcast describes my current state right now. I always thought I might know a little more about the royal family than the average American, but then I listened to this podcast and immediately re-thought my self-proclaimed title of “master of the monarchy.” With a Bridgerton meets The Nutcracker-esque background music throughout the podcast, hosts and PureWow writers Roberta Fiorito and Rachel Bowie chat about the traditions, celebrations, and, of course, romantic antics of the royals. Fiorito and Bowie make you feel like you’re listening to someone who knows the royals discuss their engagements, public appearances, and, yes, even encounters with Camila. Of course, they don’t actually know the royals, but their in-depth perspectives on life and dating combined with their masterful knowledge of what the royals wear, say, and even want makes you feel like you’re getting the inside scoop. Personally, I can’t get enough of Fiorito and Bowie. Not only do they talk about the royals today and get into royal history, but they also discuss their weekend plans, apply their own insights to royal scandals, and aren’t afraid to share their own opinions. I mean, there’s even a weekly happy hour. How do I get to host this podcast?


3. The Royal Rota

For those who want to be the one to impress their friends with their knowledge on the what’s what about the royal family—or just wants to talk any captive audience’s ear off about how fabulous Meghan Markle’s wedding dress was—The Royal Rota is for you. Each episode, editor Chris Ship and producer Lizzie Robinson have a chat about what’s the latest news on the most famous British family. Think of turning on a morning talk show on your car radio but if it was news covered by some English royals experts, and that’s pretty much this podcast. Whether you’re curious to know why the queen is canceling events or want to get all the facts about Meghan’s legal battle right, you’re definitely going to learn something after just one episode. And every episode is clearly titled with what the hosts will cover, so choosing what you want to learn about for the next hour or so couldn’t be more straightforward. For the most “wow I didn’t know that” type of installments, I recommend “William and Kate’s YouTube channel and Archie’s birthday request” and “Prince George’s birthday and what to expect from Prince Harry’s memoir.” The journalism junkie in me loves an insider’s scoop—even if, admittedly, it might not be my own country’s biggest stories.


4. Art of History

I’m sure you’ve seen her all over your TikTok For You page (I know I have), but if you haven’t, let me put you onto Amanda Matta. Not only is she basically the queen of spilling the tea on all things royal gossip and British history, but she also is the host of Art of History, a podcast that dives into the past through the lenses of famous historical art and paintings. Have you ever wondered how Queen Victoria’s relationship with her husband impacted how she was depicted in her portrait? Did you ever know that animators put an erotically charged painting on the walls of a castle in a Disney movie (it was Frozen, and I’m just as shocked as you are). Matta is also an art historian, so you know she’s giving you the facts, even if they seem royally screwed up.


5. Sussex Squad Podcast

If you want to be in the know on the couple who left England in pursuit of a better life, well, with the Sussex Squad Podcast, it’s all about Harry and Meghan. With a joyful, orchestral musical opening to each episode, it even sounds like you’re about to attend a cordial banquet. Going strong since 2019, this podcast goes in depth to cover the lives of the Duke and Duchess and their family affairs. With guest hosts and a plentiful supply of exciting back-and-forth chatter, this podcast feels like your best friend-turned-history buff hosting the royal news: full of nerdy excitement, very informative, but mostly just fun, witty conversation between like-minded people. Seeing that this podcast has been around for a few years, you can start at the beginning and re-live baby Archie’s warm welcome into the world or hear an expert’s opinion on the hate campaign against Meghan. Though this podcast doesn’t exactly focus on the two’s romantic relationship, you still get an outsider’s well-researched perspective in regards to their marriage, and honestly, it will probably make you root for the couple even more.


6. You’re Wrong About (Five-Part Diana Series)

People get stuff wrong about the British family all the time, so who better to make a podcast about the royals than You’re Wrong About? In a five-part series, the podcast dives deeper than maybe any other podcast has ever gone into what Princess Diana’s relationship with Charles and the rest of the family was actually like. As you listen, you’re forced to consider how even the wealthiest, most privileged people in the world still had problems with their relationships. It might sound harsh, but hey, that’s exactly what this podcast does to you. From discussions on Diana’s “Jane Austen-like” origin story to the conspiracy theories surrounding her death, this is kind of how I realized The Crown doesn’t teach you everything you need to know about the British family. Most notably, I learned about the dark truth behind photos of Princess Diana washing dishes at the sink and how much worse of a boyfriend and husband Prince Charles actually was. If you’re looking for even more of a reason to stan Diana, give this series a listen.


7. British History: Royals, Rebels, and Romantics

A PBS Masterpiece-worthy instrumental intro and a Tudor-obsessed historian only mean great things in this podcast. Host Carol Ann Lloyd takes you on a “journey to the past” every Wednesday to revisit the history of the royal family. Inspired by the story of Anne Boleyn since childhood, Lloyd uncovers the truths about the regents, the rascals, and, of course, the romantics. Lloyd’s own excitement about putting things into historical contexts, such as what really happened during Anne of Cleves’ very short marriage to Henry VIII or even European witch hunts, is practically contagious every time I listen. I think of her as the history teacher I never had: someone who is actually approachable, explains history in a way that can make sense to anyone, and gives every story a little bit of a feminist edge. Better yet, Lloyd has actually done her research, speaking with literary geniuses, visiting historical European landmarks—yes, she’s seen the Crown Jewels— and asking history experts about anything and everything from the Tudors and the Stuarts. For those who want to brush up on their history with some especially captivating stories, listen to “Dad Liked Me Best! Stuart Brothers on the Throne,” “Sea Bathing with Jane Austen,” and “Accidental and Unexpected Royal Rebels.” Even family drama and troublesome romances date back hundreds of years.


8. The Crown: The Official Podcast

You’ve heard of the show, but have you heard of the podcast? Admittedly, I’m new to the audio version myself, and since I’ve been introduced, I’ve wondered if anyone else has been sleeping on this one. This Netflix podcast is meant to serve as a companion to the TV show, offering insight and behind-the-scenes takes from those involved in the making of the episodes. Maybe you’re curious to hear Peter Morgan’s passion for ensuring each character is dynamic and relatable (eh, to an extent) or need to know Harry Potter alumna Helena Bonham Carter’s tricks for effortlessly playing the indelible Princess Margaret. Host Edith Bowman’s Scottish accent and ability to make you feel like you’re uncovering the secrets and stories behind the making of each episode is absolutely fascinating, with bonus episodes and interviews with those working behind and in front of the camera. So often, I always wondered how historically accurate an episode of The Crown really was, and lucky for me (or anyone else who manically Googles “Prince Charles Welsh speech” at midnight), Bowman sets out to answer these questions.


9. Noble Blood

History buffs, this one is for you. Listen along as host Dana Schwartz guides you through all the worst decisions and the romances gone wrong royal palaces have seen throughout history. Schwartz is basically a master at effortlessly balancing suspense with factual reporting as she details the lives and legacies of those who left their castles too soon. Though every story of royal scandal leaves you on the edge of your seat, some of my favorite episodes are “Charles the Beloved, the Mad, the Fool,” “The Devil and the Duchess de Praslin,” and “The Three Husbands of Lucrezia Borgia.” No matter if you want to learn about Princess Charlotte’s short-lived love story or the mysteries surrounding King Edward IV’s sons’ unexplained disappearances, I’m confident that there will be a history-backed story for you—and Schwartz is definitely not the boring history teacher you had in high school.


10. Pod Save the Queen

Take a news podcast on the royals, but add a little bit of spice. Pod Save the Queen is a refreshing take on society’s view of the royal family in a post-pandemic world. With a head-bop-worthy orchestral opening and a man who I’m convinced has to have a mustache huffing “pod save the queen” to welcome you to each episode, these hosts don’t waste any time getting into the nitty-gritty with what you’re dying to know about the royals. Be it politics, family affairs, historical contexts, or even fashion, every angle and pretty much every family member is examined throughout the podcast series. Did Harry and Meghan’s unforgettable interview with Oprah Winfrey change the way we see the royals forever? How can the Cambridge’s children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, grow up with a happy balance of publicity and privacy in an era where nearly everything is documented? And also, how are we supposed to decide what the queen’s best looks from last year were? Personally, I love a little bit of royal news, but what drew me to this podcast specifically was their fashion analyses. For any fashion lovers, be sure to give the “2021 Royal Review of the Year” a listen.


11. Tea and Strumpets

Love Bridgerton? Love reading? Have a busy life and a lot of books on a dusty shelf but still consider yourself a reader (happens to the best of us, right)? Well, if you can’t put a book down or have your hands filled with everything but books, Tea and Strumpets will take you on an enchanting adventure into the world of the regency-period historical romance genre via podcast form. For newcomers and longtime fans of regency romance, hosts Zoë and Kelsey recommend and recap their favorite books, served with a delightful combo of royalty and romance. Each hour-long episode takes you from your listening spot, be it your desk or your treadmill, to a castle or garden across the pond as you follow along with the bookish besties. Here to turn you onto the next big romance book, the two discuss their favorite regency romance authors and the plots of their latest books, and they aren’t afraid to debate which scene was the steamiest. Though I consider myself to be a reader, I was drawn to this podcast by the promise of interviews with well-known regency romance authors and even Bridgerton costume designers, crew, and other behind-the-scenes people from Netflix’s belle of the ball. For anyone looking for some juicy interviews about the best swoon-worthy romances modern literature has to offer, give “An Affair of Honor with Vanessa Riley,” “Shock and Delight with Christy Carew,” and “Writing Queer Stories in the Past with Cat Sebastian” a listen. I promise: The end of every episode feels like its own happily ever after.


12. Six Queens

Maybe I stumbled upon this podcast in a spurt of dumb luck after listening to the Six soundtrack about a million times or maybe it’s because my algorithm-filled phone knows that this is a popular podcast that I needed in my life. Whatever the case may be, listen up and get ready to learn how to put the six Tudor queens back in their own narrative. If you’ve ever wondered what it would sound like to meet a pair of royally obsessed teachers for brunch, well, my guess is that it would sound something like Kate and Cally, our two Tudor-savvy hosts. The two can’t get enough of history, and with the excitement in their voices as they converse about the legacies of the queens, their relationship with Henry, and their own mottos, I want to devour every episode. Though I’m not a huge history buff myself, something about Henry VIII’s well-documented absurdity and the women who put up with and possibly even loved him is just captivating. Whether you’re curious about how British landmarks are connected to Catherine of Aragon’s coronation or still confused over what the duties of a queen consort actually entail—it sure sounds like a posh title—you’re bound to learn something new during each 40-ish-minute episode.