This SNL Alum Has a New Stand-Up Special You Need to See

And 6 other things to check out on the Internet this week

Here at The Everygirl, we understand the nature of busy women. You barely have time to eat breakfast in the morning, let alone spend the day surfing the web. That’s why this week, we’re sharing some of our favorite articles on pop culture, design, and more.


1. SNL alum Sasheer Zamata’s first stand-up special is here and it slaaaaaaaaays

Because it’s more than time to retire “resting bitch face”


2. Lauren Graham isn’t into another season of Gilmore Girls — and we can’t blame her

I’ve had about as much Rory as I can take at this point.


3. Obama and Trudeau (aka Bae and Le Bae) had dinner in Montreal and OUR HEARTS ARE MELTING

😍  (PS: For your viewing pleasure)


4. The definitive ranking of movie makeovers you didn’t know you needed

How can I get a makeover montage going, like, right now? Asking for a friend.


5. What you need to know from Comey’s Senate Hearing

Including the disturbing revelation that some of the Internet finds him lowkey hot.


6. Courtney Love is writing her memoir based on her Wikipedia page and Courtney, I’m concerned

What is even going on here.


7. The $2 Trader Joe’s meal hack that will change your life

Joe saves us once again.