The $30 Solution to Get Dewy Skin in Winter

Maybe this cold, brutal air doesn’t leave any chances for our skin to be dewy and radiant, but we just met a product that has solved our battle and we couldn’t wait to share. Say hello to bareMinerals Complexion Rescue, a genius new form of liquid lightweight coverage that improves the skin as it’s used. bareMinerals asked us to give it a try and review it for all of you (which we typically don’t do) but we just couldn’t keep this one a secret because it’s too good.

It’s everything you love about your favorite moisturizer, combined with a makeup base that gives just the right amount of coverage for radiant, healthy skin. It makes the skin look like what J. Lo’s glowing complexion probably looks like when she gets out of bed in the mornings. This $30 all-in-one product is the best of a BB, CC, and a tinted moisturizer, so there’s no need for a day moisturizer, foundation, a primer, or even an SPF.

We’re all about tinted moisturizers, but they usually aren’t moisturizing enough to take the place of an actual moisturizer–right? That’s what makes this product different: it gives the skin an ample shot of hydration. It’s formulated with encapsulated skin-loving humectants and radiant pigments with mineral-infused water to help lock in moisture upon its first contact with skin. That’s a complicated way of saying that it provides light, perfecting coverage and instant hydration. Not to mention, studies have shown that after just one week of use, skin’s hydration is increased by 215%! Our honest thoughts? I’ve been using it for a week and can genuinely notice a difference in my skin–promise delivered!

Today we’re showing you how to take your skin from dry and dull to hydrated and radiant in just a few steps. The looks on the red carpet are all about minimal makeup and dewy, fresh skin, which we love and Complexion Rescue helps deliver. Grab this product out of your TRUFFLE Clarity Clutch, like the one shown below, because now we’re going to show you how to use it!

To Apply: After cleansing the skin, drop a pea-size amount onto your fingertips. Apply just as you would a regular moisturizer. The coverage is light, but buildable. For added coverage, apply a second layer with the new Smoothing Face Brush, which gives a soft, diffused, and smooth finish.

After two coats, consider your base finished! Complete your look by following up with your normal makeup routine, or do like us and add a little bronzer…

…and a natural lipstick, like this one.

Top with your favorite clear gloss.

You can add as little or as much makeup as you’d like, but your skin will remain dewy and fresh. We decided to keep it on the natural side, so we finished by adding just a little mascara in a brown shade. So good, right?

That’s it! As fresh as Rihanna’s beauty look at the Grammy’s.

If your skin is especially dry, try misting a facial spritz, like Caudalie Grape Water, on top of your makeup periodically for an added boost of refreshing hydration throughout the day.

bareMinerals Complexion Rescue is available in 10 shades and is packed with skin-energizing mineral electrolytes, hydrating marine botanicals, protective antioxidants and SPF 30. It contains no oil, no silicone, no parabens, and no fragrance. Want to learn even more? Watch this video which showcases how unique Complexion Rescue is from other tinted moisturizer formulas.

  • mickey

    So gorgeous! Will definitely have to give it a try. Any idea as to where that lucite cosmetics tray is from? And the robe she is wearing? So beautiful!

    • Hi Mickey! The robe is the Plum Pretty Sugar Viviette Robe and I just found the tray at TJ Maxx! It was a great find.

      • I was just going to ask about the robe…so feminine and pretty! Love this site–the best tips and style. 🙂

  • Ellie

    So I’ve seen so many bloggers feature this product recently and went to Sephora for a sample. I’ve been using CoverGirl’s BB cream for probably 10 years now and love it! My skin has been dry this winter, but with my regular moisturizer and CG BB cream, I’m fine. Even on top of moisturizer this BareMinerals makeup totally highlighted flakes on my face and made my combination skin look shiny, flaky, and uneven. I’m so disappointed! I hope other people have better luck.

    • Ellie, that’s such a shame! That’s the first negative thing I’ve heard about it. Good think you just tried a sample and didn’t buy it. Guess if you have something that works for you right now, keep at it! 🙂

      • Ellie

        I know! So weird. It really sounded like something that would be perfect for me. I’m going to save the sample and try again in the summer when my skin isn’t so out of whack. The rep at Sephora told me they would take it back though if I decided it didn’t work or the color was off, so that was good to know!

        I agree–I’ve tried a few make ups over the years and just keep going back to the one that works haha. Thanks for your note!

        PS-I’m originally from CHS 🙂

  • Julie

    best brows ever

  • KT

    What’s that nail polish color?!?!

  • amandakernalea

    what clear gloss are you using?

    • Hi Amanda! It’s the bareMinerals Cream Glaze Lip Topcoat:,en_US,pd.html

  • Love this! One thing I’ve noticed too is that people are afraid to exfoliate when their skin is dry in the winter, thinking that it will damage their skin. Instead, it’s best to switch to a gentler exfoliant – but it’s still an important step!

  • Heather

    I will check it out! Where can I find a glass/plastic bathroom organizer like the one in the photos?

    • livvielane

      I would love to know too! 🙂 Thanks!

    • I found it at TJ Maxx! Can’t find a name brand on it, but definitely check your local TJ Maxx/Homegoods/Marshalls. 🙂