The Everygirl Book Club: Wife 22 // week two

Hurray! It’s the second week of the Random House Reader’s Circle for The Everygirl! Now that we’re halfway done with Melanie Gideon’s Wife 22, we can finally discuss the latest Buckle family drama.

We’ve posted some questions below, but feel free to throw your own thoughts, questions, and opinions out there. And remember that our commenting programming allows you to reply directly to one another’s comments and get e-mail alerts when new comments are posted, allowing everyone to engage in conversation. That way, time zone and location is not a concern, and the conversation can continue all week!

*Please note: if you read ahead, be sure not to address anything that happens after page 195 (Chapter 60). We are so happy many of you already finished the book, but we don’t want to spoil anything!

Discussion Questions:
In the middle of a dinner party with friends, Alice takes five minutes to check Facebook (p 114). Can you relate to Alice’s reliance on the Internet and addiction to social networking? Do you think this is acceptable behavior—for adults, teens, or persons of any age?

Any thoughts on the developing relationship between William and Caroline, particularly how it is so similar to the way William and Alice started their relationship (going for runs where they often flirted, even though he was in a committed relationship)? Would you be comfortable with the early morning runs and cooking sessions if you were Alice?

We found the scene between Alice and her daughter Zoe at the diner to be a bit upsetting, mainly because  while Zoe is crying, Alice proceeds to check her phone when it chimes, showing a lack of interest in her daughter. Discuss.

The relationship between Wife22 and Researcher101 developed quite a bit in this section of the book. Although most of their discussions are short but they get increasingly more flirty. Considering how much the Researcher knows about Alice through her answers, it might make sense that he develops an attraction to her personality. But Alice (Wife22) knows very little about the researcher. How do you explain her attraction to someone she knows very little about?

What are your reactions after reading the first 195 pages of the book? What relationships and plot developments are you eager to read more of?

Week 3 Assignment:
Read up to page 294 (Chapter 84) for next week’s discussion! Come back on Monday, July 22 where we’ll post questions and discuss.

Join Us at the End of the Month:
The last week of July, we’ll host a formal book club webcast meeting! The live chat conference will include a video feed with the author, Melanie Gideon, Everygirl editors, and a Random House representative, as well as live video questions from readers!

It’s not too late to join in! Grab a copy of Wife 22 and join us next week as we continue discussing the book!