The Top Home Decor Trends for 2018

I’ll be honest, it usually takes me a while to job on board with new fads. Maybe I’m just resistant to change, but what can I say? I know what I like!

Zillow recently announced the top home design trends for 2018 (and the three soon-to-be forgotten fads from 2017) in their Zillow Home Trend Forecast, and surprisingly, I’m fully embracing them. Drum roll, please…


Top Design Home Trends for 2018

Floral Prints

What the Experts Are Saying: “Interior design experts predict floral prints in bold, contrasting colors will make a big comeback in 2018, particularly on large billowing fabrics like drapery, as well as chairs and throw pillows.”


The Everygirl Weighs In: Y’all, I am SO on board with this. Call me crazy, but I’ve always had an affinity for floral print. Maybe it’s the 80-year-old grandma living in me, but nevertheless, I believe this trend is here to stay. The key to making it work? Moderation. Make sure you have some neutrals and basics to balance out the bold floral and you’ll be golden.


Statement Floors

Source: @johnstoffer

What the Experts Are Saying: “Forget statement walls, 2018 will be about statement floors. From bold colored geometric tile to light-colored herringbone-style hardwoods, expect to see a rise in statement flooring next year, especially in bathrooms and laundry rooms. Statement floors are also a great way to make a small room pop without adding clutter.”


The Everygirl Weighs In: I’ve always been super into statement floor tile, so I’m excited to hear that this trend will have an ever bigger presence in the new year. The only downside is that flooring isn’t exactly easy (or inexpensive) to switch out if it starts to look dated, so I recommend erring on the side of caution when it comes to the color palette, to get as many years out of this trend as you can.


Light Wood Cabinets

Source: Domino

What the Experts Are Saying: Not all kitchen cabinets have to be painted white. In 2018, more homeowners will gravitate towards medium and light wood cabinets, particularly with flat fronts and clean lines as they add warmth, texture and natural elements into the home that can help make the space feel more inviting.”


The Everygirl Weighs In: When we think of wood cabinets, I would bet that the majority of us envision outdated cherry or oak. THIS is proof that wood cabinets can be sleek, updated, and add tons of character to any space.



Warm Neutrals

Source: Pop & Scott

What the Experts Are Saying: “From warm reds to caramel browns, moodier color palettes, both on walls and in artwork, will be more prevalent in 2018.”


The Everygirl Weighs In: Cooler colors have reigned supreme in the interior design world for QUITE a while now, so it will be interesting to see how this trend manifests over the next year. The best way to keep this style feel fresh is by making sure to infuse a heavy dose of a lighter neutral to balance out the moodier tones. A soft ivory is always your friend!


Matte Metal Hardware

Source: Studio McGee

What the Experts Are Saying: “Matte metal light fixtures and kitchen hardware, like drawer pulls, are a beautiful complement to medium wood cabinets. Zillow expects to see a rise in homeowners choosing matte hardware finishes over shiny silver or gold, especially in the kitchen.”


The Everygirl Weighs In: These guys must really know what they’re talking about, because I’ve seen this very shift in my own taste over the last couple of months when it comes to hardware. While my attitude used to be “all brass eerything,” I’m much more drawn to sleek, matte metals these days (especially in black). Something about it feels edgy and unexpected without feeling over the top. PLUS, hardware is one of the easiest things to switch out! Major bonus.


Fads to Forget in 2017

All-White Kitchens

Source: DougeLissa

What the Experts Are Saying: “Expect to see more color in kitchens next year, especially for homeowners planning to sell. Zillow data shows homes with blue kitchens sell for $1,800 more than homes with white kitchens. From painting island cabinets a navy blue, to contrasting white countertops with medium or light wood cabinets, adding color and texture in the kitchen can help make the space feel more comfortable and inviting.”


The Everygirl Weighs In: They almost lost me with this one because you’ll never hear me say that I’m sick of an all-white kitchen. BUT, after further consideration, I do like the idea of adding more contrast instead of the (admittedly) common white wall, white countertop, white backsplash combination. The key is keeping the color and contrast to accents to keep the room feeling classic and timeless.


Bar Carts

What the Experts Are Saying: “While perfectly staged bar carts look beautiful, they often go unused on a daily basis, taking up space and collecting dust. Instead, experts predict a shift towards coffee carts, which can be equally trendy, but far more practical.”


The Everygirl Weighs In: To me, this prediction all depends on your personal lifestyle. Who says you have to choose between a bar cart or a coffee cart? I say, go crazy and have both! If you entertain a lot and actually use your bar, then embrace it. If it sits there unused, then switch it up with something you’ll actually use in your day-to-day!



Source: @geniusbones

What the Experts Are Saying: Succulents are easy to care for and relatively affordable, but there are many other vibrant indoor plant options to choose from. While experts do not expect succulents to go away completely, they do anticipate their popularity to decline in 2018 as more homeowners consider incorporating other colorful or leafy plants into their homes.”


 The Everygirl Weighs In: Alright, as someone without a green thumb, I’m weary about veering away from something as reliable as succulents. That being said, I’m all about mixing it up when the time is right, and I’m a major advocate for infusing plant life into the home, so why not open up for a variety of plants?


Alright, your turn! What do you think about Zillow’s predictions? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!