What Shoes to Wear With Wide-Leg Pants

written by EMILEE JANITZ

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Source: Laura Byrnes
Source: Laura Byrnes

Fashion is cyclical in nature; once a style or trend has risen to popularity, it’s sure to do so again. After a solid decade of skinny jeans and leggings dominating the everyday fashion world, it only makes sense that the popularity of these styles would be trumped by looser and larger silhouettes. Cue wide-leg pants.

I personally love wide-leg pants—and what’s not to love? On top of making a statement, they’re also incredibly comfortable and can be styled in countless ways. But let’s be honest: After years of reaching for form-fitting, skinny styles, taking a leap into the unknown can be intimidating when it comes to pant styling. While the prospect of creating new looks with an emerging trend is exciting, it can also be difficult to know where to begin.

The good news? Styling wide-leg pants is a cinch. At the crux of it, knowing which shoes to pair with these bottoms can make getting dressed in the morning infinitely easier. Keep reading for a roundup of shoes perfectly suited for pairing with wide-leg trousers and denim.


5 Shoes That Pair Perfectly With Wide-Leg Pants

Whether you’re talking about wide-leg jeans, overalls, or trousers, your shoe options are boundless when it comes to styling. That being said, there are a few shoe styles that stand out as being particularly great choices. The drama created by the silhouette of wide-leg pants can really be played up depending on which footwear you pair them with. Here are some favorite styles that can help you really lean into the trend.


Ballet Flats

Similar to wide-leg pants, ballet flats are another trend that are having a major comeback. The small profile of the flats adds a fun visual contrast when paired with looser bottoms and can also establish a laid-back polish to casual looks. Because ballet flats are also versatile, you can pair this outfit combo with any number of tops, from basic tees to sweaters to blouses.


Pointed Flats

10 colors available

Pointed Toe Flat

Linea Paolo

9 colors available


Loafers hold a special place in my heart—they truly go with everything. While I especially love the look of loafers paired with wide-leg trousers, you can just as easily pair them with wide-leg denim. Add a fitted top and blazer for a cool-girl, office-friendly look.

Sam Edelman

Buckle Loafer

15 colors available


Lugsole Loafer

2 colors available

Ankle Boots

Between their versatility and comfort, ankle boots are hard not to love. Lean into the cottage-core or coastal cowgirl trend and grab a pair with pointed toes. Heeled boots are another great option. Possessing their own sense of power, they can elevate just about any look.


Suede Booties

5 colors available

Steve Madden

Platform Chelsea Boot

6 colors available


For a casual warm weather ‘fit, pair your wide-leg pants with sandals. Flip-flops can throw 90’s vibes, with the dainty size of the shoe contrasting well with the silhouette of the pants. Grab a tank top for a look that will take you through the summer. Heeled sandals are another option in play and can accentuate the length of your form when paired with wide-leg denim or trousers. Look for square toe options if you’re looking to encapsulate a more modern vibe.

Dolce Vita

Braided Sandals

12 colors available


Strappy Sandals

3 colors available


There are few pairs of pants that can’t be styled with sneakers. Keep it classic with an all-white option or get creative and grab a more vibrant pair of kicks. You might also consider chunky sneakers to add length to your overall look. Sneakers can work for both casual and elevated looks, depending on which top you choose to add to the outfit (think T-shirt versus button-down).


Leather Sneakers

7 colors available

Wide-Leg Pants Outfit Ideas

Long story short: No matter what shoes you have lining your closet, you’re bound to have an option or two that go well with wide-leg pants. Still hesitant on which shoes to wear? Check out some outfit ideas below.


A Tank Top + Linen Pants + Strappy Sandals

pieces of clothing collage

When it comes to styling trousers, your options are near infinite. For a laid-back look that’s perfect for warmer weather, pair them with a white tank top and strappy sandals. Add a straw bag for a look that pays homage to summer days spent strolling the boardwalk, iced coffee in hand.

Old Navy

Scoop-Neck Tank Top

8 colors available

Abercrombie & Fitch

Linen-Blend Tailored Pants

10 colors available

Nine West

Strappy Sandals

5 colors available


Basket Bag

3 colors available

A T-Shirt + Jeans + Ballet Flats

pieces of clothing collage

If you’re looking to elevate your wide-leg jeans with minimal effort, pair them with a trendy pair of ballet flats. Add a basic neutral top, matching hair accessory, and a basket or straw bag for a warm-weather look that’s French-girl approved.


Ballet Flats

2 colors available

A Floral Blouse + White Jeans + Heeled Sandals

pieces of clothing collage

To me, white jeans will always be quintessential for warm-weather styling. As the season changes and you’re digging through your spring shoes, grab a pair of heeled sandals to rock with your wide-leg white jeans. A modern, floral top can artfully reflect the season and add colorful contrast to the ensemble. Bring your look to the office during the workweek and to brunch on the weekend.


Slide Sandals

10 colors available


Acrylic Clutch

10 colors available

A Striped Blouse + Jeans + Loafers

pieces of clothing collage

A perfect striped blouse, loose denim, and a trusted pair of loafers. Does an outfit get any more timeless than that? Enjoy your tried-and-true look while working from home, running errands, or grabbing lunch with your friends.

Jeffrey Campbell

Buckle Loafers

11 colors available


Leather Hobo Bag

3 colors available

A Body Suit + Cargo Pants + Sneakers

pieces of clothing collage

We’re all about wearing sneakers to work. A great way to pull it off? By pairing them with cargo pants. Utility fashion is currently on trend and I’m personally very much here for it (I’ll confess, I spent many childhood hours watching Kim Possible.) Play up the cool-girl look with a pair of sneakers and a fitted top—such as a bodysuit—that can compliment the looser silhouette of the pants. 

Abercrombie & Fitch

Seamless Bodysuit

4 colors available

Abercrombie & FItch

Utility Pants


Tennis Shoe

2 colors available


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