30 of Our Favorite Reader Photos from #TheEverygirlHoliday

30 of Our Favorite Reader Photos from #TheEverygirlHoliday #theeverygirl

‘Tis the season for beautifully decorated trees, warm cups of hot cocoa, snuggling on the couch, making snow angels, eating cookie dough—and of course, sharing it all on Instagram. We gave you a peek into our holidays at home earlier this month, and since we love feeling like a part of our readers’ lives, we asked you to do the same throughout the month of December with the hashtag #theeverygirlholiday. These are some of our favs. 
































Kristen Mitchell #theeverygirl

Kristen Mitchell

Assistant Editor
Allyson Fulcher #theeverygirl

Allyson Fulcher

managing editor
Caitlin Timson #theeverygirl

Caitlin Timson

Social Media Manager