The Everygirl’s Ultimate Halloween Playlist

  • Copy by: Brittany Tennant

Halloween, The Day of the Dead, All Hallows Eve. Whatever you choose to call it, Halloween season is the time to decorate, to scare yourself silly at haunted houses, and to fill up your weekends with parties where you can show off the costume you got way too into prepping. 

Every spooky gathering needs an equally spooky playlist to match, but if you’re at all like me you could probably do without another replay of Monster Mash.

I searched the music scene high and low for haunting melodies, eerie vocals, and minor keys that bring ghosts and ghouls to mind without giving you third grade Halloween parade flashbacks. Here you’ll find a mix of new artists, remixes, smooth sounds for mingling, upbeat tracks for dancing the night away, and a few timeless classics. Whether you want to throw the haunted bash of a lifetime or just want a night in with Halloween candy and a glass of red wine, these artists are sure to get you in the spirit:


Orange County pianist and singer/songwriter Jillian Banks haunting sound is the perfect addition to your playlist. Her music offers a unique and sexy combination of electronic/R&B sound and lyrics that clearly come from a deep and personal place. She’s toured with big names like The Weeknd and has cited the ever-fabulous Fiona Apple as one of her biggest inspirations. BANKS remains aloof and is notably reluctant to use social media as a tool in the same way many other artists do in the industry. After a recent concert, a friend described to her musical style to me as “taking a ride on a gothic spaceship.” The artist’s song Brain captures the feel of the season without being too cheesy.

Fleetwood Mac

Considering their status as one of the best-selling bands of all time, I dearly hope you’ve at least heard of this British-American group from the 1960s and 1970s. Fleetwood Mac has had a lot of catchy feel good hits over the years, but other songs take on a more spooky vibe. Even the band’s gorgeous and earthy hippie queen Stevie Nicks was cast as an important member of the academy for witches in American Horror Story: Coven. Check out some of Fleetwood Mac’s old tunes, like Black Magic Woman, to put a fun and vintage spin on this year’s party playlist.


At some point during the night, you’re gonna want to crank up the volume and get your dance on. British EDM trio Nero, made up of Daniel Stephens, Alana Watson, and Joe Ray, released their first album in 2011. On that album you’ll find Doomsday, a dance track that may or may not make you feel like you’re entering the action sequence of a horror film. In this context, that’s a good thing. We promise.

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