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20 Things You Need to Do Before Spring Is Over

After what felt like maybe several lifetimes, winter has finally ended, and we’ve now entered into one of the most beautiful seasons of the year: spring! Yet if you’re anything like me, it may be easy to let this gorgeous season slip right past you. With busy tasks like tax season or wrapping up the end of second semester, sometimes we forget to stop and smell the literal roses which have FINALLY started growing again. (Can you tell I was ready for winter to end?)

So rather than get caught in a whirlwind of mundane to do-lists until you suddenly wake up to Fourth of July sales (I swear they come faster each year), consider implementing this fun spring to-do list. From fun new activities to organizing your space, you can fully embrace a reset at this rejuvenating time of year.


1. Clean through your wardrobe

First and foremost, take a little Marie Kondo inspiration and sort through your clothes. Doing this while transitioning seasons in your closet is incredibly convenient. Before you pack away those thick winter sweaters, note what you did and didn’t wear the past few months and consider giving some winter items away. Then you can similarly assess all of your spring clothes before hanging them up. With a lightened wardrobe, you’ll feel organized and less overwhelmed getting ready.


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2. Wear all of your cute jackets

This is an URGENT reminder, as many of us have crucially little time to enjoy the highly coveted, ever-beloved jacket weather. It seems like one day I’m cocooned in a heavy down coat that might as well be a sleeping bag, and the next day I’m sweating in a tube top. So embrace this fleeting moment, and wear all your cute, lightweight jackets while you can!

3. Start a journal

Something about the season that brings Earth back to life always feels like the start of a new chapter! Buying a pretty, brand new notebook at this time of year and beginning to journal can be super inspiring. Each day that you journal, try writing affirmations for yourself, as well as three things you are grateful for.


4. Plant flowers or buy new plants for your home

Whether you’ve got a sprawling property in the countryside or a tiny studio apartment downtown, plants and flowers make all the difference in transforming a space and welcoming spring. Try planting flowers in your yard or buying new plants to arrange indoors — even simply grabbing a fresh bouquet of flowers can brighten a space.


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5. Take a walk each day

Now that we can shake off our hibernation habits, be sure to spend some time outdoors. If you have the opportunity, choose to walk instead of call that Uber, or simply take a short stroll outside whenever you get the chance.


6. See an early season baseball game

As much as I love melting in 90 degrees and peeling my thighs off of a plastic seat, perhaps attending a game before summer heat could be a bit more enjoyable. Grab some friends, take advantage of cheaper ticket prices, and head to the ballpark!


7. Enjoy nature (technology free)

One of the most beautiful sights to see during spring is all the flowering trees. Be sure to take a few days at your local nature reserve or botanical garden to admire all of the plants currently in bloom.


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8. Have a park picnic

Another great way to enjoy the milder temperatures is to pack up a cute basket and have a meal outside. Spread out on a quilt or blanket and enjoy a sunny picnic in the park. We won’t even blame ya for Instagramming it!


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9. Plan a spring trip

Spring trips don’t always have to entail a wild beach party or $1,000 flights. Even a one-night getaway can feel like a spring break. Do a bit of research and find a cute AirBnB or boutique hotel somewhere within driving distance for a fun mini vacation out of town.


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10. Visit a farmers market and try seasonal fruits and veggies

Nothing says spring like fresh strawberries. Enjoy a day milling around a Farmer’s Market tasting all the freshest fruit and veggies at their peak this season.


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11. Grab an umbrella and take a walk in the rain

If April showers bring May flowers, we may as well enjoy the drizzle. Grab an umbrella, pop on those cute rain boots you convinced yourself were a necessary purchase two years ago (but have probably only worn once until now), and go for a walk. This can also be a super cute and affordable date idea, especially if you catch a rainbow at the end.


12. Open all your windows

After several months spent stuffed indoors, it feels amazing to clear out your home with some fresh air! Enjoy the crisp spring breeze as you open all of your windows for some ventilation. Pro tip: even if you normally use a clothes dryer, air your laundry and sheets outside — they’ll smell super fresh afterward.


13. Buy some new candles

It’s time to pack up the winter pine and sugar cookie fragrances. Grab some revitalizing new floral candles — like lavender or fresh lemon — and give your space a new scent.


14. Go bike riding

Riding bicycles on a warm day with a slight, cool breeze? Sounds pretty idyllic! Try renting bikes for the afternoon and taking a tour of your city, or simply go for a ride through the neighborhood.


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15. Visit a rooftop bar

Restaurants are just starting to open up their rooftops again, and everyone is ready for it. That being said, sometimes summer crowds can get a bit intense, so beat the masses and enjoy these locations early this season. Organize brunch or drinks with friends, feel the warm sun on your skin, and enjoy the view!


16. Shop for new clothes

While there may be four seasons in a year, let’s be honest, there are only TWO seasons in fashion: spring and fall. While I wish they’d stop discriminating against our summer and winter wardrobes, you can bet you’ll find the greatest clothing selection during the transitional seasons. So be sure to plan a shopping day and stock up on the best spring and summer items now.


17. Redecorate your space

Spring inspires an air of renewal, which means this is a perfect time to revamp your space. Consider repainting your room a fresh new color, putting up new photos, or simply rearranging your furniture. Any redecoration efforts can make a space feel entirely different, and can help shake off those winter blues.


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 18. Start a new reading list

As soon as the weather turns around, most of us will be wanting to spend as much time outdoors as possible, so why not ditch mindlessly scrolling through your phone for a fun new mystery novel while relaxing on a park bench? Make a new book list to kick off spring.


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19. Paint your nails in pastels

Mint green, pale yellow, lilac, light turquoise — yup, pastels are adorable! Enjoy these candy-colored nails while they are still in season.


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20. Switch up your makeup routine

Perhaps one of the most exciting must-do’s during spring is to switch up your makeup routine. Skip the heavy application in favor of a pretty, light, and natural look. Your skin will thank you and you’ll be glowing!


What are some of your must-do activities this spring?