6 Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

Spring is one of my absolute favorite times of year. Not only is the warm weather a seriously necessary reprieve after a freezing winter, but springtime also brings with it some fun holidays, amaaazing patio weather, and my birthday — all great reasons to celebrate.

This year, though, I’m planning on making spring even better than usual — I’m going to use my elevated mood and improved outlook on life to be majorly productive. Here are a few ways to simplify your life and improve your space, finances, and self this spring.


1. Clean out your fridge and closet

As much as I hate to admit it, no “spring cleaning” list is complete without committing to clean out those pesky spaces in your home. Real talk — I have SO many clothes, and I wear so few of them. I know I’m not alone in this — and it really helps motivate me to go through them to think about all the people who need them far more than I do. Not only will donating clothes and unused canned goods help declutter your life, it’ll also help people in your community — which is honestly even better.


2. Simplify your wireless service

Raise your hand if you’ve ever checked your bank statement and seen charges for subscriptions you forgot you had — yep, we’ve all been there. How about this one — raise your hand if you’ve ever been hit with fees you didn’t even know existed? Regardless of your financial situation, it’s always disappointing to realize that you’re paying too much for something (or paying for something you don’t even want or need!). Thankfully, there is a simple yet powerful solution to enhance your wireless experience and avoid paying too much for unnecessary expenses.

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3. Purge unnecessary data from your phone and computer

Anyone who’s ever recieved a “storage full” notification on their phone knows how annoying it is to run out of space. We get it — your photos, videos, docs, files, screenshots, snaps, and boomerangs are IMPORTANT — but they’re taking up too much dang space on your phone. Here’s a crazy idea: Take some time, and go through and DELETE all that stuff you don’t need. Whether you want to move your photos to your computer or you want to just delete those old songs and playlists that your 2012 self loved, your spring 2018 self will love you for saving that extra space.



4. Clear your workspace

Speaking of productivity — a clean and clear desk space can work wonders for yours. Most of us spend more time in our offices than at our homes — so our workspaces should be seriously organized, helpful, and positive. This spring, I’m officially vowing this spring to clean out my desk. It’s so full of  random old to-do lists from a year ago, cards I received two birthdays ago, and other random papers, notes, and files. It’s time to get out my shredder, clean out my drawers, and keep only the items that bring me joy on a workday. Pictures of my friends, my favorite pens, and a few motivational books? That’s all I need.


5. Get organized with a bullet journal

Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with my paper planner — it’s seriously one of my favorite possessions! But as much as I love keeping my schedule all neat and tidy, I do have one complaint — I can’t fit everything into one place! I keep my schedule in my planner, my work notes in a notebook, and random phone numbers, details, and lists just about anywhere else — but I’m over it. I’m going to try the bullet journal method — keeping every single written-down piece of my life organized in one customized journal.


6. Start a gratitude journal

When I think about simplifying my life, it’s really easy to think about all the things I could purchase or add that would make my life easier. I could buy a new budgeting app, a new workout tool, or a new self-help book — but when it comes down to it, one of the best ways we can majorly refresh ourselves and our lives is to remember and give thanks for what we already have. This spring, I’m vowing to start a gratitude journal — every night before I go to sleep, I’m going to write down the three best things that happened to me that day and the things I’m most grateful for — seriously, there’s no better way to feel positive in my life than to reflect on what I already have.


How are YOU spring cleaning your life this year? Which of these methods are you going to try with me?


This post was in partnership with SIMPLE Mobile, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.



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