8 Ways to Stop Hating Your Small Kitchen

Sure, a pint-size kitchen may not be ideal, but there are ways to make the most of it. Instead of hating the details that seem unfixable, consider little changes like a new coat of paint, additional storage, or even patterned wallpaper. Although small, these tips will help you love the kitchen you have—even if it’s not much at all!

1. Embrace Open Storage

Unlike cabinets, open shelving offers the sense of more space. It’s also a seriously chic way to display kitchenware (if you can keep everything organized). Bonus points if you can find a way to add a washer to your kitchen!

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2. Focus on the Details

Photo by Matthew Williams via LABLstudio

If anything, focus on the details — especially if you live in a rental. If you can’t change the layout, small switch-ups like new cabinet knobs or a painted border will add a personal touch without breaking the 10 commandments of rental decor.


3. Set a Focal Point

Source: Domino

An easy way to make your kitchen look bigger is by establishing a focal point. A patterned wallpaper, a statement pendant, or unique dining table will leave guests focusing on the decor rather than the size of your space.

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4. Go Dark

Photo by Maura McEvoy for House Beautiful

Although it’s unexpected, dark cabinets are actually perfect in a small kitchen. Taking risks with paint on your cabinets creates a cool, cozy vibe. Although you could do color on the walls, white paint is a nice contrast and helps the room feel bright.


5. Get Creative

Sure, not having space for a standard refrigerator isn’t ideal, but this kitchen made the most of it with a retro minifridge. It instantly makes the space!

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6. Work With What You Have

Source: Domino

Studio living can be tricky, especially since your living and sleeping quarters are limited to one room. This kitchen makes the most of the space with open shelving, a gallery wall, and even a TV! With clever arranging, you can cook and have your cable too!


7. Do Double-Duty

Source: Domino

If you don’t have a lot of room, make sure everything in your kitchen has a dual purpose. This nook can be used as an office, dinner table, and additional counter space for food prep.


8. Think Up

Short on space? Think up! Pot racks are a great way to free up limited cabinet and counter space. If you’re on a budget, consider this affordable option.


Story Originally by POPSUGAR Home.