Blog of the Month: Dipped in Yellow

Blog: Dipped in Yellow
Girl Behind the Blog: Kendall
Occupation: Public relations

Where are you from and where do you currently live?
I currently live in Denver by way of Houston and Calgary.

What prompted you to start blogging and how are you enjoying the blogging process? What is the most rewarding aspect of running a blog?
I started my blog fresh out of college as an outlet for creativity and a source of inspiration. Now working in a bustling PR firm by day, I am constantly finding ways to tell stories (for clients in a variety of industries) and I continue to blog to make sure I tell my story too and stay in tune with myself. There are so many rewarding aspects of blogging! For me, I enjoy the sense of accomplishment of building and branding something that is entirely mine and interacting with talented bloggers and creatives.

Why did you decide to name your blog dipped in yellow? Does the name have a special meaning to you?
I wanted this blog to be my happy place bursting with inspiration. To me, the color yellow makes anything more fun and endearing. Hence, the name serves to describe the content I pursue, capturing the world dipped in yellow: inspiration and happiness.

Where do you find inspiration for your blog posts?
I try not to think too hard about what I post. I write about what where I am at this moment, whether that’s capturing my personal style, writing about an issue I’m passionate about or just snapping photos of my life. I think most of my inspiration comes from just being 23-years-old, which can be a time of beautiful frustration and unexpected personal discovery.

What can new readers expect to see when they visit your blog?
My blog is very image heavy. I pride myself on posting content that is almost all my own photography. I love sharing personal style and daily snaps that elevate the little things in life. I hope to transition into more health and beauty topics in the near future.

Can you give us any advice on how to look stylish on a budget? What are your top budget-friendly closet staples that you think every young woman should have in her closet?
I think focusing on items that fit you perfectly make all the difference in curating a closet on a budget. When a few pairs of jeans, blazers, striped tees and a classic LBD fit like a glove, you’ll instantly look and feel more confident and stylish. Take the time to pick up quality basics that you love to wear and then fill in accessories and trendier items. Whether we know it or not, we always pull things that fit us best anyway, so stock up on those pieces and you’ll have a more usable closet.

How do you get creative with your outfits while trying to stay warm? What are some of your favorite winter-friendly pieces?
Layering! It keeps you warm, adds dimension and allows for a variety of color and texture options. My favorite winter pieces are scarves (I can’t tell you how many of my drawers are over flowing with them!), blazers (the classic colors and some fun prints) and a quality pair of boots (No one should try to be a hero during a Colorado winter).

How can other girls out there who are interested in fashion and lifestyle topics start blogs themselves?
I delayed starting a blog for months and months waiting for the “perfect moment” where I would have ample time and resources to invest. However, the right time doesn’t exist, which coincides well with the work in progress nature of blogging. Truly, the first step is just starting and you’ll continue to figure things out, change your mind and evolve from there.  That said, always write for yourself, that way, you will always please at least one person 🙂

What advice do you have for other Everygirls out there?
Be open to constantly improve your skills, reach out to new people and stay true to yourself ! Empower everyone you come across. We are all taking risks and being vulnerable in our own way and everyone you meet has something to teach if you are willing to learn.

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