Culture Club: Lollapalooza 2013

Last week, we had that very special moment of experiencing Lollapalooza for the first time. We were both a little hesitant seeing as neither of us particularly love crowds and a music festival by definition is a swarm of sweaty, half-naked people; but our excitement over the line-up trumped any hesitation we had. And to our delight and surprise and everlasting thanks, our fairy godmother in the form of Citi hooked us up with premium tickets giving us access just to about everything Lolla had to offer…

The Lolla Lounge

The Lolla Lounge. Was there ever a name so sweet? And what it beheld… free food and drinks, shaded adirondack chairs to kick back on, air conditioned bathrooms, golf carts to jet us back and forth around the expansive park, even a mini spa with mani’s and pedi’s! (Unfortunately we weren’t able to take advantage of the latter with so much music to see!) It was a luxurious dream come true for anyone slightly weary of festival crowds and porta potties. But that’s not where the premium passes ended…

The Music and the Artists

That’s Ellie Goulding, Ben Howard, MS MR, Vampire Weekend, and Mumford and Sons all up close and personal. Yes. We got to watch our favorite artists from the stage! Seeing the crowds of thousands of fans cheering, singing, and clapping in harmony was surreal. A once in a lifetime chance. And we are so grateful Citi Private Pass allowed us to access this special experience.

We were able to record Mumford and Sons’ Lover of the Light with minimal singing from us in the background (we had to spare you). Be sure to click the “HD” when viewing to see it clearly. The skyline and the crowd at night are just amazing. There’s even some behind the scenes footage once the song ends where you can see what’s happening on stage between songs. Cool, right?!

So… you might be asking what Citi Private Pass is and how can you get such cool tickets. Basically it’s an entertainment access program that lets Citi cardmembers purchase tickets for various entertainment events before tickets go on sale to the public. So you’re sure to get tickets for popular events like Lollapalooza (which sold out in a matter of hours). Again, very cool! We created this fun video of our three day experience.

Were any of you at Lollapalooza? What did you think? Who were your favorite acts? Did you don full-on fest attire? We’d post our “Lolla fashion” but both of us missed the boat on the whole flower headband and “cheeky” high-waisted short look that every female in the Grant Park seemed to be sporting. Hey… we never claimed to be trendy.

Thanks again, Citi! Just short of meeting and becoming lifelong besties with Marcus, Ben, Ted, and Winston, you made all of our Lolla dreams come true! Until next year…!

  • I’m riiiiiiiidiculously jealous of the access you guys had! This is a seriously VIP view of the place, especially those golf carts. I’ve been to Lolla before, but I was in the muddy sweaty masses. No matter what, it’s such an amazing weekend. I can’t wait to go again!

  • PerpetuallyChic

    I was only there Saturday (posted photos on my blog too: & loved Ben Howard, The Lumineers & Mumford. So fun to see an entirely different view from the behind-the-scenes access you guys had–puts the crowds in perspective!

  • this is our jam

    Looks like you guys had SUCH an amazing time! So jealous you got to be so close for Ben Howard and Vampire Weekend!