Hear This: Foals

  • Copy by: Anna Marie Mathias

If you haven’t found your Summer 2013 jam yet, then look no further than “My Number” by British indie rock band, Foals. This song has everything you need for an impromptu dance party – a quick hook, punchy drums, and catchy lyrics. Trust us, nothing feels quite like singing “you don’t have my number / we don’t need each other now” at the top of your lungs while driving around town.

The rest of Foals’s latest album, Holy Fire, is nothing short of amazing. “Everytime” and “Late Night” are drum heavy, yet dreamy—perfect for a long summer run outside. And when you want to slow things down, look to “Spanish Sahara” from their second album Total Life Forever. It is a hauntingly beautiful song that will make you feel everything from sadness to hope to power in under seven minutes.

Foals creates songs that provide a fitting score for any moment—it is no wonder why they’ve been featured on shows ranging from the guy-centric Entourage to the teen drama 90210. But the best part about this band is that their cinematic sound translates seamlessly from their records to live shows. If you don’t believe me then just take a peek below. Their talent is undeniable, which is exactly why they are on the top of our must-see list at Lollapalooza this year.