How to Look Your Best This Holiday Season

Of all the seasons of the year, the holidays tend to come with a certain pressure to be our best selves. It’s borderline impossible to get into hair stylists after October because so many people want fresh holiday hair, everyone is doing their most effective face masks, and events and parties are filled with our best makeup and outfits. 

But Rome wasn’t built in a day, and looking and feeling our very best doesn’t necessarily happen overnight (unless you’ve found some miracle face mask you want to share with the group). With a little premeditated preparation, you can stroll into your Thanksgiving (
which this year, might be you alone in your apartment—don’t let that stop you!) feeling your absolute best. Here’s how:


1. Remember to drink a lot of water

I’m usually really good about drinking a lot of water, but when I’m busy with holiday craziness, that all can go out the door without me even realizing it. The season is about enjoying yourself and celebrating, and you should never feel guilty about, that, but making sure you’re staying hydrated can help you recover from some of the not-so-healthy things you’re bound to be enjoying.



Source: @sara.azani


2. Get your skin looking its best

Skincare takes a while to make a difference, so giving yourself a few weeks to up your game is vital if you want to show up to the holidays glowing to the gods. Making sure your skin is hydrated and exfoliated (but not too exfoliated) can make all the difference. If you’re dealing with any acne or congestion, prepping in advance is key. Use your clay masks a few days ahead of any big events (never the night before, as they tend to bring any gunk to the surface), and keep up with your pore strips for clearer, brighter skin.


3. Treat yourself to a statement-making lipstick

Nothing screams the holidays like a bold lip, and if you don’t have one that you grab every time the holidays roll around, now’s the time. Pick a deep nude, berry, or red that compliments your skintone and rock it all season long. You’ll be surprised at how special it can make you feel, and how much the right shade can brighten up your complexion.


Source: @livvyland


4. Try loungewear in festive colors

We’re all probably rolling up to the holidays in clothes that are more comfortable than usual, but there’s no reason they can’t be festive too. Let your grey sweats take up space on your back shelf for the season and indulge in some festive loungewear in colors that will make you feel like they’re made for the holidays (bonus points if it’s a matching set).


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5. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep

The holidays come with a lot of commotion, which usually includes a lot less sleep. It isn’t always easy, but making sleep a priority can change how you feel for the entirety of the season. Whether that means sleeping in a little later or trying to get to bed a bit earlier, try to add five minutes of sleep to your night every night for a couple of weeks, and before you know it, you’ll be getting an hour more than you’re used to. It’s impossible to feel your best when you’re super sleepy, so if you prioritize anything, this should be it.


6. Find a seasonal perfume that you love

There’s nothing like finding a perfume that you absolutely love, and switching it up and finding one that’s winter-appropriate can boost your confidence every single day. Look for warm scents like vanilla, clove, and cedar for a sexy scent perfect for chilly nights spent by the fire.



7. Try festive hair accessories

While the easiest way to look festive is definitely a red sweater, #2 is probably a festive hair accessory, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Whether it’s a pearl headband, a velvet scrunchie, a hair bow, gold hair clips, or sparkly bobby pins, it’s a chic, Zoom-approved way to feel put-together when all you’re really wearing is a pair of leggings for the sixth day in a row. 


8. Go for metallics

One of the most complimented eye looks our editors wear is a swipe of a shimmery, metallic gold or silver across the lid. It’s beyond easy—truly, it’s one swipe of eyeshadow with a flat brush, but you can even use your finger—but looks glimmery and festive without the effort of a smokey eye. Swipe the shade all over the upper lid and the inner corner of the eyes, leaving the lower lash line blank for a striking look. Don’t forget to go in with lots of mascara! 


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9. Try a new manicure

I know what you’re thinking. How could you ever dare to give up your beloved holiday red? Trust us: OPI’s “Big Apple Red” will be there when you need it, but for now, try something with a little more spunk. Because you’re likely doing your nails at home, it’s a good time to try another festive shade, like emerald green, chocolate brown (think: hot cocoa!), shimmery neutrals, and more. You could also try nail stickers to make your at-home manicure look extra cool.