We Finally Found a Bathing Suit We Want to Wear Over and Over

There are so many parts of childhood I wish I could go back to — the days when naptime was required, running outside was fun, and finishing our bowls of mac & cheese was rewarded with dessert. Those were the good old days, and there are so many parts of them I wish I could relive.

Another part of childhood that seems to have fallen to the wayside? The ease of bathing suits — you just needed one that fit your growing body, that wouldn’t ride up while running around building sandcastles, and that came in all your favorite colors. I LOVED bathing suit shopping as a kid — it meant we were planning a vacation to northern Michigan or the Gulf Coast, and little Abby was so excited for some fun in the sand and sun.

Somewhere along the way (I’d guess that “somewhere” occurred around the same time my boobs and butt filled out), bathing suits ceased to be fun and became ~embarrassing~. Shopping for our skimpiest outerwear became an absolute nightmare — an opportunity to pick apart our bodies and every way we felt they betrayed us, and an activity that struck fear in our hearts about who would see us in our most exposed state.



Here’s the tea, ladies: That’s BULLSHIT.

The year is 2019, and it’s high time we all learn (and remember) that every body is a bikini body, and swimwear should make you feel as comfortable, relaxed, and confident as your favorite going-out top or sassy first-date outfit.

As easy as it is to tell ourselves that we deserve to wear, rock, and LOVE our bathing suits, the swimwear industry doesn’t always seem quite as on board. All too many brands promise to “improve” our bodies: push up our breasts, cover our behinds, and slim our waists — when in reality, all we really need is a suit that showcases our already-hot figures and keeps us comfy doing all the beach and pool activity we like (even if that activity is nothing more than turning the pages of the latest Vanity Fair).

That’s why I couldn’t be more excited about the swimwear line at Knix — a collection full of bathing suits that celebrate my body and all it can do. Knix is already home to my favorite reversible, wear-anywhere-and-everywhere bra — so it’s a natural fit for me to take my girls, and their favorite supporter (hint: I’m talking about my boobs), to the beach with me as well.



So what’s different about Knix, you may ask? Glad you did.

This is the swimsuit you’ve been searching for — it’s sexy, comfortable, flattering, and (best of all) it allows me to do everything my summer-loving heart desires: swim, run around, throw a football, play in the sand with my nephew, and lay around with a a fruity cocktail. I don’t have to waste time messing with my suit or worrying about something falling out — I’m not sacrificing sex appeal for practicality, and I’m not embarrassed to wear this one around my brother-in-law (or a cute boy at the cabana, for that matter).

Perhaps best of all, Knix lives up to their belief that every body is a bikini body — their range of sizes is incredibly inclusive, offering sizing that fits up to a G-cup. This line is three years in the making (yes, you read that right) — the designers at Knix wanted to ensure they created a bathing suit as perfect as possible. Newsflash: They did it.

So say it with me: MY BODY IS A BIKINI BODY, and yours is too. I’m so excited for you to try out your new favorite bathing suit, and rock it with confidence all season long. Happy summer!


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This post was in partnership with Knix, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.