Target’s New Collection Just Launched and You’re Going to Want Everything

Remember waking up on Christmas morning when you were a kid, being so excited for all the shiny new things that Santa brought? That’s how we felt when we found out about the new basics line, Prologue. Only instead of Christmas, it’s the middle of September, and instead of Santa Claus, it’s Target.

That’s right–Target is launching its brand new line of chic, stylish, and timeless pieces that are going to take over your workwear and fall staples. The best part is that it will put a dent in your closet, but not your wallet–every piece from the line is under *wait for it* $50! That’s right, fifty dollars— that’s basically the cost of a week’s worth of your daily Starbucks. Head to your nearest Target, or shop our favorite picks, below, from the comfort of your own couch: