#TEG30DayChallenge: Reader styling secrets, spilled.

If you’ve been participating in this month’s TEG 30 Day Challenge, congratulations! You’re almost halfway through an entire month of wearing your wardrobe! (That means no shopping for an entire 30 days!) Take one look at Instagram, and it’s pretty evident our readers aren’t lacking in creative closet solutions. Who needs that Nordstrom card anyway? Here are our favorite reader snaps, and some great tips to go with them! 

Reader tip: Mix up your wardrobe roles. We love how @ItsyBitsyIndulgences wore her workout leggings outside of spin class with slip ons and a pop of stripes (a little wine never hurt, either!) Try the same thing with other items, like a fancy skirt dressed down with punky boots for day, or a summery dress with extra layers. Whatever it is, break out of the mold! 

Reader tip: Take a cue from@MoodyGirlInStyle by trying a new print mixing combo. A good rule of thumb: pick one busy print, and one bolder print for a look that is cohesively mis-matched. (Yes, that’s a thing!) Click here for more on playing with patterns! 

Reader tip: Go monochromatic! We love the way @StyleOnTarget played up hues of crimson, pairing her cherry red frock with maroon tights and a touch of animal print. 

Reader tip: A little glitter can liven up any outfit (new or old!) As proven by @Sailaja87

Reader tip: Spice up your preppy basics with a punky statement necklace, like @Casas_and_Lulu

Reader tip: Cuffing your old jeans like @EverydayModish will give them new life, and add a great twist to any outfit. 

Reader tip: Playing with different patterns and textures will instantly make your outfit more interesting. We love @AmpersandHelen‘s mix of chunky knits with leather, lace, and ponyhair! 

Reader Tip: Break out the vintage! Giving old pieces new life is often more satisfying than buying something new, as _JessicaRollins found with her Great Aunt’s gorgeous brooches. 

Reader tip: Play with those hemlines, like @ClassicCityChic! If you’re not satisfied with your current skirt and dress selection, consider shortening one of your pieces. It’s a small change that will make a big difference! 

How will you style your looks for the rest of the month? Don’t forget to tag #TEG30DayChallenge on Instagram, and we’ll regram our favorites!