Can’t Talk Right Now—I’m Doing an At-Home Mani After Seeing These 7 Nail Trends

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There’s no time like a nail rut. When it feels like every nail shade in the world is “been there, done that,” the thought of getting your nails done or—the horror!—painting them yourself feels like that chore you put off time and time again. But there’s no shortage of nail ideas in the digital age, and after looking at the biggest nail trends of the season, I refuse to go another day without investing a little time into my at-home manicure

If you’re ready to outfit your hands in something different, scroll through for the biggest nail color trends of the year. 


1. Electric Blue

Ask our fashion editor: Electric blue is about to be everywhere, and the easiest way to test the trend is on your nails. Whether you go for bright all over, French, or add it as an accent nail, it’s bound to make an impression. 


2. Cherry

Red will never go out of style, but each season, we see a different variation of the hue. Right now, bright, “cherry jelly” nails are all the rage. It’s bright and fun but doesn’t feel too summery or holiday—the perfect choice for someone looking to feel confident when they look down at their hands. 


3. Jewel Tones

Teal, violet, emerald—get ready to see it all. Bonus points if it has a glitter or metallic finish. 


4. Periwinkle

Pantone’s Color of the Year “Very Peri” is making its wave through the nail industry. It’s a fun, pastel shade any skin tone can wear, and it’s the perfect primer for spring. 


5. Shades of Pink

Whether you wear one or them all (like above), every shade of pink is approved. Bubblegum, Fuschia, Barbie, millennial, baby—we’re welcoming every single variation of our favorite hue. 


6. Rhinestones

Season two of Euphoria is already influencing the beauty industry, even only a few episodes in. Rhinestones are a massive beauty trend of 2022 across makeup and hair, and we’re about to see it majorly in nails. Whether you apply them yourself or opt for press-ons, it’s pretty simple to do at home. 


7. Rosy Beige

If you’re a neutral nail lover, this is the hue to try this season. It’s simple yet anything but basic, and it looks good on every single skin tone. 


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