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8 Romantic Sex Positions to Try This Valentine’s Day

sex positions"
sex positions
Graphics by: Kirra Wallace
Graphics by: Kirra Wallace

Sure, flowers and chocolate are great and all, but getting down and dirty in the bedroom is by far the best way to celebrate the most romantic day of the year. After all, nothing will turn up the passion on February 14 quite like some steamy Valentine’s Day sex positions. And I don’t mean just any sex positions—I mean ones that will boost the romance and take it to a level you’ve never seen before.

In truth, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to reconnect and romance yourself or someone else. And slowing things down with one of these positions is the perfect way to do just that.

Allow me to introduce to you eight Valentine’s Day sex positions that just scream “romance.” Whether you’re staying in, planning a sexy after-party, or flying solo, these moves will help you celebrate the day of love in style. Keep on reading to learn more.

1. The Hors D’oeuvres Tray

sex positions

Consider this position your aperitivo for the night: It’ll open up your body and your partner’s, and get you both ready for what’s to come (literally and figuratively). This is all about taking your time and engaging in some steamy foreplay and oral action, so give yourselves the chance to really linger and explore one another. Kiss and touch everywhere, feed one another chocolate-covered strawberries, lay in a bed of rose petals together—the choice is yours! Enjoy and get creative with the buildup and anticipation.

Once you’ve taken the time to do a little exploration, you can then move onto some oral action. Have your partner stimulate you with their mouth, use yours to work your magic on them, or pleasure each other orally simultaneously. Use this as an opportunity to have your first climax of the night or play around with edging (AKA orgasm control).

2. Missionary

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Missionary is a classic for a reason. Not only does it feel incredible, but it’s also super intimate because you’re looking into each other’s eyes the whole time. So, lie flat on your back and have your partner climb on top, facing you as they enter. Being able to simply hold each other close, stare into their eyes, kiss, touch, or whisper dirty or sweet nothings to each other while you’re having sex will feel extra romantic on Valentine’s Day.

If you want to play around with different angles of penetration in this position, try bending your knees and wrapping your legs around your partner’s back, propping your legs up on their shoulders, or placing a pillow underneath your butt. These slight changes will let you experience different sensations and still keep that intimacy with your partner.

3. The Valentine’s Feast

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Whether you’ve been sneaking glances at each other since the moment you woke up or just walked through the door, this position is perfect for when you just can’t wait any longer. Hop onto the edge of a table or countertop, lean back slightly, and spread your legs to serve yourself up to your partner. From here, your partner can place their hands on either side of you and move in, penetrating you with their penis or a strap-on. The angle will let your partner get super deep and give you the option for simultaneous clitoral stimulation via your hands or a sex toy.

4. V-Day Celebration

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Flying solo on V-Day doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, it’s the perfect opportunity to romance yourself! Grab your favorite lube or stimulating oil and lie back on your bed with your legs spread into a “V” shape. From there, drench your pointer and middle fingers with your oil or lube, and keep them in a “V” shape as you slide them along the sides of your vulva. Not only will this awaken you sexually, it’ll also help you build intimacy with yourself and appreciate the beauty of what you’ve got going on down there. Once you’re fully relaxed and stimulated, finish the job with your favorite vibrator, dildo, or fingers.

5. The Swoon

Looking to create a sex scene straight out of a romance novel? Look no further than the swoon. This position is great for passionate, spur-of-the-moment sex or quickies if you’re pressed on time, and also works for any form of penetration from a sex toy, penis, or fingers. Lean against a wall and bring your partner close so you’re chest to chest with one another. From there, take one leg and wrap it around your partner’s hip, and have them hold onto the back of your thigh and upper back as they move in accordingly.

6. Pole Position

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If you like to be in control or are having non-penetrative sex, this position’s for you. If you’re in the latter, it doesn’t matter if you’re top or bottom, but if you’re having sex with a penis-owner, you’ll be on top for this one. The penetrating partner will lay flat on their back with one leg extended straight out and the other bent at the knee, and the receiving partner will straddle them sideways, facing their bent leg. From there, the top partner will place one hand on the bottom’s knee and the other on their chest, and keep this position as they go to town riding or grinding and rubbing against them.

7. The Heart

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The heart sex position is essentially the most intimate, passionate, and romantic hug you could ever receive. Your upper body is completely skin-to-skin with your partner’s, so you can really connect and build intimacy. If your partner’s doing the penetration, have them sit on a bed with their legs extended straight out in front of them. Then, climb on top and straddle them, tucking your knees under their armpits and keeping your feet flat.

Once you’ve gotten into position, have your partner place one hand on your back and the other on your butt, and wrap your arms around them however you’d like. This will help you both hold each other in place as you rock back and forth accordingly in sync with one another. (Bonus points if you climax at the same time while looking into each other’s eyes.)

8. The Faux Yogi

Too tired after indulging in Valentine’s Day treats? Over trying to contort your body into a pose that’s supposed to be sexy but is downright uncomfortable? Enter: the faux yogi sex position. This move blends the legs-up-the-wall yoga pose with the comfort and intimacy of standard missionary to make you look flexible AF without all the stretching, pulling, and discomfort. Plus, neither partner has to exert themselves too much for this one, so it’s a win-win all around.

If you’re receiving, lay flat on your back on the edge of a bed with your legs straight up in the air. Your partner will stay standing and hold onto either side of your legs as they pull themselves in deep using a strap-on or their penis. They’ll enjoy looking at you from above, and the angle of this position will feel amazing and increase your chances of having an internal orgasm (which you deserve to have—especially on Valentine’s Day!).