What to Watch on Netflix this Winter

  • Copy by: Daryl Lindsey

My calendar says winter won’t officially be here until late December, but, boy, does it feel like winter already. My tree is up, pine-scented candles are lit, and my apartment windows are starting to frost over as snow falls lazily outside.

I can’t think of a more perfect time to crawl under the covers and treat myself to a few hours of entertainment. If you’re like me and want to stock up your Netflix queue in preparation for the upcoming holiday break, here are the movies and shows to watch this winter:

Must watch new series:

Jessica Jones | Watch on Netflix

Jessica Jones is not your grandma’s superhero. The captivating Kristen Ritter plays a private investigator with some rather unusual supernatural powers in Marvel’s new Netflix original series. Unlike most superhero flicks, Jessica Jones is dark, brutally honest, and sometimes a little too realistic; the show tackles major psychological issues like addiction and PTSD. All in all, though, the show is living and breathing proof that the world is not only ready for female superhero content, but begging for it. Maybe we’ll have that Black Widow movie (but not one like this) soon after all.

Something educational:

Winter on Fire | Watch on Netflix

I’m going to go ahead and warn you outright that this is not a movie for the faint of heart. It is, however, a well made and highly compelling documentary about the 2014 crisis and revolution in Ukraine. Admittedly, the film’s bias tilts liberally towards a rose-colored, power-to-the-people point of view that sometimes struggles to acknowledge Ukrainians’ wide spectrum of opinions about both Russia and the West. Despite the documentaries pitfalls, however, it uses incredible (and often brutal) footage and heartfelt interviews to weave together an informative narrative about the uprising of a nation.

If you want to laugh:

Master of None | Watch on Netflix 

Calling all Parks and Rec fans: Aziz Anzari is back, this time with a show of his own. Master of None follows Dev, a struggling actor in New York City who is often just as clueless (and Millennial) as the rest of us. This Netflix original series is warm and witty, tackling topical issues while still retaining some of that Tom Haverford wackiness we all fell in love with. Bonus: Anzari signed on his real life parents to play his not-real-life parents in the show, and it’s amazing.

Your heavy dose of holiday cheer:

A Very Murray Christmas | Watch on Netflix

Directed by Sophia Coppala and starring Bill Murray, A Very Murray Christmas features the likes of legendary Amy Poehler and George Clooney (and it also looks like Miley Cyrus makes an appearance). Only on Netflix since Dec. 4, think of the Christmas special like a one-night-only performance with all your favorite stars, chock-full of holiday cheer and hilarity to spare.

And, lastly, because it’s that time of year:

Love Actually | Watch on Netflix

How can one make it through the season without watching the world’s most classic yet still-weirdly-culturally-relevant holiday themed romantic movie of all time?

What are you watching this winter? Share your favorites in the comments!