Self Care

The Self-Care Activity You Should Try, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Source: @laurajadestone
Source: @laurajadestone

Constructing a self-care routine that makes you feel good and empowers you to live your best life is all about finding activities that you enjoy and boost your mood. So if this time of year has you feeling unmotivated or run down, your current self-care routine might not be tailored to the season–it’s time to switch things up. We look to the stars to tell us how to spend our time and even what career moves to make, so why not look to them to see what self-care activity we should be trying? We’ve got you covered. Read on for the activity you should add to your self-care toolkit based on your zodiac sign. 


Get physical

If your Sun is in Aries, you likely thrive in challenging situations and competitions; this is when you feel most alive. If you feel bogged down by emotions, try getting some movement in and releasing those feelings with some type of physical activity. Hit the gym, take a kickboxing class, train for a marathon—do something that involves challenging yourself and moving your body (psst, want to know which type of workout is best for an Aries? Click here).


Pamper yourself

Taureans are highly connected to the physical world and love the luxurious. You are immensely aware of your body and have a deep appreciation for sensual pleasures. You find comfort in the tangible and are all about enjoying the pleasures of life. Book or give yourself a mani-pedi, splurge on a full spa day, or DIY spa treatments at home. No matter how you treat yourself, make sure you feel pampered. 


Learn something new

Geminis are highly curious and like to collect new information. They also need to recognize and nourish both their introverted and extroverted sides, so self-care for Geminis means having equal time alone and with others. Try researching a new subject, taking a class, or watching an exciting documentary to spark your curiosity, then discuss your thoughts and new findings with a friend or family member. You can also join a book club to have some alone time reading to recharge, and then come together as a group to care for your extroverted side and discuss. 


Try therapy or journaling

As a Cancer, comforting loved ones is what fulfills you most. You love to take care of other people and help with their problems. However, as a natural empath, you tend to take on those problems and prioritize your own needs last. The best way you can care for yourself is spending time to mentally and emotionally work on you. Schedule some time with a therapist to talk about your feelings (it will be a much-needed change from listening to everyone else’s!) or try journaling to reflect on your needs and get any negative emotions out on paper. 


Create something

Whether they like it or not, Leos are born stars who need to shine. To care for your truest self, tap into your creative side and then share it with the world. Of course, getting involved in your local play or impressing the crowd at karaoke night will give you a rush from all the applause, but you can also try starting a blog or taking creative photos for friends and family. The attention-seeking part of you will feel nurtured and loved through sharing your work with other people, and your creative side will feel fulfilled. Leos, don’t dull your sparkle—you feel best when you shine. 


Declutter your home

Virgos, you often feel the need to be perfect and need a reminder that perfection isn’t possible (or enjoyable). However, a clean home can help you feel more in control of your entire life and helps you feel more centered in your environment. Instead of focusing on how to make your home “perfect,” identify where you can use your decluttering skills to purify and organize to make your life simpler instead of putting more pressure on yourself. BTW, decluttering your mind counts too


Make a list of positive affirmations

Libras like to keep the peace and feel most fulfilled when they’re well-liked. While your ability to bring harmony and prioritize other people’s feelings is admirable, it often means you forget about your own needs and maybe focus more on being liked than being happy. To revert your attention back to your happiness instead of the happiness of other people, make a list of go-to affirmations to recite daily or turn to when you need a little extra support.


Schedule alone time

Although they may not reveal their emotions to other people, Scorpios can have intense emotions very easily. To care for yourself, it is essential for Scorpios to release your feelings safely so you don’t have built-up resentment or emotions you haven’t let out. Scorpios enjoy privacy, so self-care is about retreating from people and doing whatever makes you feel safe. Make sure you have “off-time” to not only recharge but also to release any built-up emotions through meditation, journaling, or even just taking a nap. Schedule it into your calendar and make alone time intentional every day. 


Try something new

It should come as no surprise that these fire signs feel most alive when they feel passionate. A Sagittarius feels most nourished and fulfilled when exploring something new, so it’s important to continuously try things and be exposed to new experiences to feel your best. Let your intuition guide you and try that activity you’ve been dying to try or maybe even the one you never thought you would do. Take a cooking class, book a solo trip, find a new hobby, explore a new city, or read a totally different genre. You’ll be surprised to find how invigorated it makes you feel. 


Take more breaks

Capricorns, you’re probably only reading this article because everything on your to-do list has been finished. With your Sun in Capricorn, you tend to make sure every item on your to-do list has been completed before making time for self-care or even for fun. Nourishing your mind and body doesn’t come easy to you. In fact, you might even see it as a reward, not as a necessity. Taking breaks (and learning to be OK with taking breaks) is the best thing you can do to care for yourself. So if you must, add “relax and do nothing” to your to-do list, and then make sure you do it. 



As the most detached of all signs, Aquariuses don’t show or talk about emotions very often. They don’t like to dwell on negative feelings and care about finding solutions more than focusing on the problem. If you don’t feel inclined to self-reflect through journaling or meditation, care for yourself through caring for others instead. Find a project you care about, and then raise money or donate your time to help. You’ll feel good helping a good cause and feel recharged when you’re putting your time and effort to good use. 


Do something creative

Unlike Aquarius, Pisces are very comfortable discussing their emotions and feelings. You’re incredibly intuitive and empathetic and can often take on other people’s problems and feel them yourself. Because of your dominant empathy, you probably feel the need to escape quite often, so channel these emotions into healthy forms of escapism. You thrive when you use your creativity and feel your best when you are able to work your imagination. To you, art is like meditation. Try painting, creating music, or writing fiction to soothe your mind and get out of your current reality for a little bit.