3 Celebrity Looks for Size 12ish-18ish Girls Living in a Size 2 World

  • Copy by: Katie Sturino
  • Intro By: Kristen Mitchell

Katie Sturino (the well-known founder of the fashion blog The 12ish) is out to prove style is not limited to a certain clothing size (and we totally agree). In 2015, she launched her popular blog to spread body positivity, offer shopping tips, and provide styling tricks for women like her. As a self-proclaimed size 12(ish) living in a size 2 world, also known as the New York fashion industry, Katie’s goal is to introduce women who wear sizes 12-18 to fashion-forward brands across extended and plus sizes.

As the “momager” of her celebrity dog Toast, and the founder of fashion PR agency Tinder PR, Katie brings a unique personal style and insider access to the plus size fashion space. Here, she recreates three celebrity looks with 12ish-approved picks, proving that great style can work for all body types. Read on for Katie’s tips on styling looks inspired by Carole Radziwill, Kendall Jenner, and Gigi Hadid.


1. Steal Kendall Jenner’s on-the-go look.

Whether you’re getting dressed for a day of errands or a cross country flight, nailing that perfect casual-but-put-together outfit can be harder than it looks. Comfort is key, but let things get too athleisure or too lounge-y, and you may end up regretting not having stepped it up just a bit more.

So when Kendall Jenner was spotted looking so on point while out and about (styled by the amazing Monica Rose, of course), I couldn’t wait to steal her casual-cool look. The individual pieces are super simple, and in fact you probably already own most of them: grey hoodie, black turtleneck, moto jacket, leggings, booties and easy accessories. Yes, it all sounds pretty basic, but the way everything comes together will have you looking anything but!

To really nail Kendall’s look, there are two key elements you can’t skip. First, the turtleneck. It’s unexpected, adds polish and cool-girl edge and keeps everything from looking boring. I’m wearing this AYR version, but any black turtleneck, including this J.Crew cult favorite, is going to get the job done.

Second, while this outfit would be cute with sneakers, definitely try it with booties. They elevate the look and give it some cool cred without sacrificing comfort. Stuart Weitzman booties are my go-to for something classic with a little attitude. Add in the other pieces and the end result is effortless, cool and secretly super cozy — you’re basically wearing sweats, after all!


2. Steal Gigi Hadid’s ‘90s look.

It’s not even a decade I’m into, but the ‘90s-inspired outfit Gigi Hadid wore to the Yeezy show drew me in BIG TIME. Styled by Monica Rose, the slip dress and choker combo is so ‘90s it hurts…and yet on Gigi, it’s just so good.

When I recreated this outfit, I knew that for a curvy body, a slip dress isn’t an obvious choice. In fact, it’s a trend I would have skipped over if left to my own devices, but in this below-the-knee Natori version (equipped with plenty of stretch) I actually felt totally at ease and sexy. If you have a chest, don’t overthink the spaghetti straps—just throw on a black bra (skip the strapless, it’s not worth it) and remember you’re wearing a layer on top anyway. The other huge shock was the choker. It took A LOT for me to will myself to put it on, and I was convinced my neck would be too big, but I actually loved it. Something about it was totally transformative and made me feel hot as hell. And yes, nobody is more surprised by this than me! It’s not worth splurging on, but for $4 at Forever21 you really can’t go wrong.

To top it off, the perfect silky oversized bomber is obviously key. If Gigi’s $1,700 version is just a little out of reach, try this nearly identical version that’s less than $50. With bombers so in, you bet you’ll wear it again and again. Add statement sunnies (to dodge the paparazzi), a small structured bag and minimal jewelry and voilà! turns out it couldn’t be easier to steal Gigi’s night-on-the-town style. Plus now you have a cool new go-to outfit.


3. Steal Carole Radziwill’s sparkly daytime look.

This time around I wanted to get personal with a Carole Radziwill outfit hack. Carole has been a friend and supporter of The12ishStyle since we met filming this season of “Real Housewives of New York.” This bold but wearable look hits the nail on the head—it’s fun, flirty, and perfectly layered for hot-cold-hot-cold temps.

Yes, the silver sequined miniskirt (Carole and I are both rocking this one by Forever21) shows a lot of leg and makes a sparkly statement, but when toned down with casual basics and sneakers (mine are by Saturdays NYC) it really works for daytime. I will never shut up about bodysuits (my go-to for staying tucked and looking polished), so not surprisingly I am wearing one by TUXE for an under layer, topped off with the American Apparel sweatshirt you probably already own.


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