6 Reasons You Should Be Watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is my favorite show on TV right now. A bold statement — as there are about 12 gazillion shows happening right now and we’re in the era of peak TV and blah blah blah. The basic gist is summed up beautifully by the season one intro and basically goes like this: Rebecca Bunch (Rachel Bloom) is a lawyer in NYC… but is overall depressed and unhappy and just checked out. Then blamo, she sees her ex-boyfriend Josh, who is moving back from NYC to West Covina, CA, his hometown. And suddenly, Rebecca thinks, hmmm maybe West Covina is where I need to be too. 

So, why should you be watching Crazy Ex? I’M SO GLAD YOU ASKED.


1. It’s created and run by two (badass) women

I firmly believe we need to give more female creators the space to actually create. To tell our stories the way we want to tell them. Co-created by Rachel Bloom and Aline Brosh McKenna, Crazy Ex is one of the most (to use a cliché-d to death term) girl power shows I have ever seen. From gripes about heavy boobs to an abortion storyline that won’t make you actively cringe, this show is nothing if not committed to telling inclusive stories that show realistic problems for actual real life women. FINALLY. And they manage to do it while making me laugh? BOW DOWN.


2. It will make you literally laugh out loud

You know when you laugh out loud in your empty apartment so hard that you snort water/soda/popcorn out your nose? (This can’t be just me, right?!) Crazy-Ex is like that… but on crack. I’ve never laughed so much at one show in my life — I recommend it to everyone I know because I need someone to experience this hilarity alongside me. Plus, it’s so smart. You’ll laugh because you feel in on the joke — and that’s an amazing feeling. Whenever I need a pick-me-up, I put on the Ping Pong girl episode and let it carry me away.


3. There are two or more (or more!!) original songs in every. single. episode

I’ve never been, like, obsessed with Weird Al or anything, so I didn’t know how into parody music videos I was until Crazy Ex showed me the light. Rachel Bloom is a LEGIT genius and I am consistently impressed, envious, and in awe of her talent. Now I go around singing things like “Let’s Generalize About Men” and “It was a Shit Show” like they are the latest pop sensations (which they should be btw). Don’t even get me started on “Love Kernels,” which makes me want to be a sexy fashion cactus, super normal, nbd. If you’re not going to watch the show (why not, are you INSANE), at least watch some of these songs — I can 100% guarantee you will not be disappointed if you are a human who can breathe. Crazy Ex are you hiring, how can I be a part of this??


4. The view of female friendships will make you want to hug your best gal (and drink lots o’ wine)

There is a shocking lack of accurate female friendships on TV — I mean, the real friendships you have, where you support one another like women do in the real world. Too often (like, way too f*cking often) women are pitted against each other in our pop culture — for a relationship, for a job, you name it. Crazy Ex plays these tropes to perfection with the Rebecca/Valencia saga, Rebecca and Paula’s mom-friend dynamic, and Rebecca and Heather’s somehow-this-works routine. There are SO MANY amazing women on this show — it’s literally overflowing with strong (and not so strong) ladies living their lives, managing to be at once hilarious caricatures and well-rounded characters that might just tug at your heartstrings.


5. You’ll see yourself — no matter who you are

There is a priest on this show who plays basketball and smokes weed — in other words, it’s inclusive af. Crazy Ex understands (unlike many, many shows I have seen) that people are multifaceted beings who come in literally all shapes and sizes. There’s no “one way” to be a woman, a priest, bisexual, a mom… you name it. There’s an entire stretch of episodes where there is not a straight, white man to be seen (unheard of and so refreshing) and then they do throw a straight white guy at you and somehow fit him into the inclusive nature of the show. Everyone has a place on Crazy Ex — especially you. (Are you watching yet?! Probably, right?)


6. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before (and it’s criminally underrated)

Since there are about 12 gazillion shows happening at this very moment, it’s hard for any one show to stand out or feel unique. It all starts to slide into I’ve seen this before territory. Well, hold them horses, because I can guarantee Crazy Ex is like nothing you’ve seen before. It has a worldview all it’s own — and it feels so exciting to drop yourself into the Crazy Ex universe because you never quite know what to expect. From rap battles to Lea Salonga, every episode is a new discovery. And if that isn’t an incentive to watch, what is?



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