6 Tasty Reader Recipes

  • Copy by: Lauren Craig

We’re more than a little impressed (make that inspired!) with recipes our Everygirl readers share on Instagram. We love how you spice up everyday meals with color, healthy ingredients, and creativity. And we’re hungry for more! So go ahead, Instagram your meals using the hashtag #theeverygirlcooks to share your adventures in the kitchen.

Next month, we’ll be rounding up our favorite breakfast ideas so be sure to show us what morning meal starts your day. But today, enjoy these six tasty recipes found in #theeverygirlcooks and #teg30daychallenge Instagram feeds—they’re downright mouthwatering if we do say so ourselves! 

@kaleandcaramel: Lunch in five: Salad with balsamic white nectarines, arugula, olive oil, feta, sea salt and grilled sourdough seed bread on the side. 

@queengwenn: A keep-it-simple morning with Greek yogurt, granola, and fresh berries.  

@lindsayamabile: Homemade soft pretzels? Um, yes please.  

@pitchforksandpomegranates: This is what we like to call vibrant eating—healthy veggie bowls.  

@crazystylelove: A healthy and delicious start to the day: Chia seed pudding with unsweetened almond milk, agave nectar, cherries, strawberries, granola, and unsweetened coconut.  

@fashionedible: Six words that equal pure deliciousness—four-layer peanut butter chocolate pie. 

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