9 Things to Do This Summer (on a Budget)

Maybe this isn’t exactly the summer we had in mind (read: canceled vacations and closed beaches), but that doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of this year. Because you deserve the very best that the season has to offer, we’ve partnered with Gilt City to bring you major discounts on all of our summer favs that can be enjoyed from the comfort (and safety) of your own home.

Gilt City is an online shopping and lifestyle website that offers insider-level access to major deals on experiences in your area, top brands, and beyond. To quote Norah Jones, “it’s summertime, and the livin’ is easy.” Oh yeah, and it’s majorly discounted too. Read on for nine things to do this summer, and check out Gilt City for our favorite brands and experiences at a lower price. 


1. Perfect the at-home manicure and pedicure

So you’re wearing flip-flops and open-toe sandals more than booties, and you can no longer hide a bad manicure or chipped polish behind gloves and mittens. Painted and groomed nails are as essential for summer as a cute swimsuit and a faux tan, but they’re not always easy to maintain. Not only is painting your nails at home more affordable, but it’ll be safer this summer as well. Thanks to Gilt City, you can score major deals on high-end nail care brands that will leave your fingers and toes looking pretty all season long. Try MiniLuxe Nail Kits for up to 42 percent off nail kits, or Deborah Lippmann for 50 percent off nail treatments, colors, and more. 



2. Revamp your summer wardrobe

Fall fashion is fun (the plaid!), but I’m partial to summer clothes. Light fabrics, effortless styles, and pretty colors make this season’s clothing chic without having to try too hard. Revamp your 2020 summer wardrobe with crisp basics, lightweight shorts, and pretty dresses you can throw on (because the hardest decision you make all day should be whether to have a glass of rosé or an Aperol Spritz, not what to wear). We love Joules for effortless styles and summer basics, and thanks to Gilt City, you can get 40 percent off full-price items (yes, really!), and an extra 20 percent off of sale items. Revamping your summer wardrobe with the best items of the season doesn’t have to break the bank. 



3. Find a healthier replacement for your second cup of coffee

I love coffee as much as the next girl, but there’s something about warmer weather that motivates me to fuel my body with only the best. Instead of reaching for the second cup of coffee or an afternoon americano (which comes with coffee jitters and caffeine crashes), I’ve been opting for matcha, which is a powder made of concentrated green tea leaves. You get the boost of energy without crashes or jitters, plus up to 33 percent off MatchaBar with one of the packages from Gilt City. 



4. Get some Insta-worthy pool accessories 

The #1 most Instagrammed accessory of summer? A pool float. Whether you’re booking a weekend away at a nearby lake or you’re lounging by your aunt’s backyard pool more often than you’re in your own home, a pool float that’s as cute as your swimsuit is a necessity. Try the Giant Swan Float that went more viral than the “Renegade” Dance on TikTok, or the Seashell Float that helps you live out your wildest The Little Mermaid fantasies. Get up to 43 percent off fashion girls’ favorite pool floats and accessories at #GETFLOATY when you purchase through Gilt City. 



5. Host a dessert tasting

Sure, wine tastings are fun and cheese boards are always a crowd-pleaser, but if you want to really impress your friends, host a dessert tasting instead (yes, I did get this idea from Kyle Richards’s infamous party on season 7 of RHOBH). Not only is it fun, different, and creative, but who doesn’t love desserts? Give the people what they want and surprise your significant other with gourmet versions of their favorites, or have a few friends over for some cake and chill. Using Gilt City, you can score up to 36 percent off award-winning sweets from Mini Melanie, shipped to your door (be warned: the Oreo Sprinkles Cookie Cake will make you drool). 



6. Tap into your creativity and start crafting

Summer means more energy and longer days. With all the extra time you have after the workday is over, turn off the TV (sorry, Netflix!) and tap into your creative side. Michaels is our go-to store for everything you need to make a scrapbook for your college roommate’s bridal shower present or to get materials to try out a free sketching class on Youtube. Gilt City is conveniently offering 25 percent off any online purchase (available for delivery or curbside pick up). With a discount and easy delivery (or pick up), there’s no excuse to keep putting off that mood board you’ve been telling yourself you’ll start or picking up a new hobby like painting



7. Buy yourself flowers

One of the best parts of the season is fresher, brighter flowers, so why not make the most of summer by buying yourself a pretty bouquet (because self-love is a good enough reason for any indulgence). Plus, a fresh bouquet of your favorite peonies or sunflowers will not only freshen up your home and show off your style personality, but it will feel like a little extra luxury (and you deserve it!). Get up to 35 percent off bouquets from Bouqs when you order online through Gilt City. Plus, a major bonus for our Everygirl brides: you can also score almost $100 off towards any wedding floral package.



8. Switch to laundry care that’s better for you, your clothes, and the environment

Laundry is a chore, but upgrading to the right products can make it feel more like a luxury. With better options (and insane discounts), you no longer have to settle for laundry care that’s bad for the planet or bad for your skin. The Laundress has been saving us from dry cleaning prices and stains on delicate fabrics (like cashmere and silk) for years, and Gilt City is offering 40 percent off their eco-friendly detergent and laundry care. This season is the perfect time to freshen up bed sheets, wash the linen pants and swimsuits you never get around to dry cleaning, and turn laundry into a luxury (all while being friendly to the environment). Win, win! 



9. Spruce up your home with fun accessories

Winter is meant for cozy accessories, warm throw blankets, and lit candles. Summer, however, is the perfect time for brightening up the home with fun accessories and bold colors. Make the most of the season by adding a standout piece or two that will draw a whole lot of attention and revamp your space. And what’s brighter and bolder than a trendy neon sign? Name Glo is a go-to for high-quality custom designs and Insta-worthy accessories (my personal favorite is the Mini Stand “Yes”). Yes, they’re investment pieces, but only at Gilt City can you get them for 50% off. I mean, can you even resist a deal this good!?




This post was in partnership with Gilt City, but all of the opinions within are those of The Everygirl editorial board.