9 Ways to Fake Extra Square Footage With Mirrors

When knocking down walls just isn’t an option, mirrors can be a transformative solution for visually expanding a small space — no contractor required. The trick? Placing large mirrors in strategic spots so that they reflect maximum light and space. Check out our favorite mirror decorating methods for working magic in a cramped layout!

Layered With a Console

Source: Janis Nicolay Photography

If you have room for a console, you have room for a tall mirror. Make the most out of it by layering a wall-busting mirror behind your console.

Tucked Behind a Sofa

Photo by Victoria Pearson via House Beautiful

The area above a sofa often feels like dead space. If you’re overwhelmed by the thought of finding and hanging the right mix of art, try this trick instead.

Displayed Window Style

Source: Sea of Shoes

Mirrors shaped like windows trick the eye into thinking that the space is lighter and larger than it really is. Look for options with beautiful details, like this arched and paned pair!

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As a Headboard

Source: Domino

Instead of something traditional, experiment with alternative headboard ideas, like this large antique-style mirror.

Door Paneling

Source: Domino

Paneled doors can be the perfect excuse to add mirrors. Just visit your local glass shop to have them cut to fit the dimensions of your doors.

Installed in Wall Paneling

Source: Domino

Or go big by taking that idea to your walls. In a light-filled bathroom, it feels more zen than disco.

From the Window to the Wall

Source: Domino

Try leaning a large mirror on the opposite side of your largest window.

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In the Dining Room

Source: Domino

Instead of art, consider hanging a floor-length mirror horizontally to open up the space.

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On an Armoire

Source: Domino

Looking for an armoire? Consider buying one that has a mirrored front to serve double duty.

Story originally by POPSUGAR Home.